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  1. Warren may be the most athletic team they've faced all year
  2. Butler has had very good luck also with their players who have transferred in. We have not had great luck with that.
  3. BR4IU

    2018 NCAA Tournament Games

    Obviously I've never liked Purdue, and up until about 15 years ago didn't even think about Butler. Now that they're playing in an important game against each other I'm kind of surprised but I'm rooting for Purdue. Just over the Butler way thing plus it just seems they get the best of both worlds. If they are average which they have been a few times in the last few years nobody cares because it's cute little Butler. If they have success it's the over the top you get from JMV.
  4. Just seems to me if today only counts as one visit that Drew would have spent the whole day here no matter what. Second I have never seen Phinisee play but the way he is always showing up at IU games and now showing up today just seems to me that he will be a great enthusiastic leader at IU for four years.
  5. Brilliant move by CAM, if the three IU players were just up in the crowd maybe they just wanted to see a game, but them being front and center at a sold out game had to be orchestrated by someone. Throw in the fact that they save a visit plus get to go see TJD in person again was quite clever.
  6. BR4IU

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway

    I've only watched him play once, but he reminded me a little of Randy Wittman.