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  1. KzooHoosier82

    (2020) TE Sam Daugstrup to IU

    Hopefully this kid ends up as an under the radar OT prospect.
  2. KzooHoosier82

    Game Thread: 10/12 12:00PM ET Indiana vs. Rutgers BTN

    As an out of towner, my cable provider doesn’t have a btn alternate channel and is airing the Purdue vs. Maryland game. Anyone have an idea as to how I can stream this game? Fox Sports app will black me out due to my cable package not including an alternate channel.
  3. In full agreement except about wishing he was as big as his brother, only because sadly that would have probably meant he would have been a 5 star recruit and not considering IU. He’s gonna be a starter before the year is up.
  4. Layne and Matthews were terrible today and I can’t remember a time this season Ball has done anything positive. I don’t know if it’s Wommack’s schemes (I suspect it is) but something needs to change here. One last note, that last play of the game can’t freaking happen. Run a play to Whop and see if he can get loose. No way you can afford an injury to Penix drawing up that garbage. Coaching staff needs to do better
  5. This defense is a joke
  6. Amazing throw and catch. Defense needs to come up big here
  7. That’s how you win in the BigTen. Love it!
  8. Our best defense today has been keeping the offense on the field, especially in the second half. Need to capitalize here and actually get 6. I’m not sold on our secondary yet but hopefully getting a lead here will give them confidence. DeBoard has to take a chance here. Can’t play small ball against this defense inside the 10
  9. Throw the ball into the damn endzone
  10. Penix looks great, Stevie Scott played a great first half, especially catching passes and blocking. Defense needs some serious adjustments, and by adjustments I mean an actual, qualified DC. Wommack’s schemes are terrible and his guys lack fundamentals
  11. Look at Tom Allen getting in Wommack’s @$$ there and I don’t blame him. Can’t drop 10 guys into coverage on 3rd and 8
  12. Love to see a draw to Stevie Scott or a naked bootleg with Hendershot and Penix. Just please nothing cute like that 4th down jet sweep nonsense