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  1. JerryYeagley23

    College Bball Thread

    Cal is bringing in a six-man recruiting class in 2020. Three 5-stars and three 4-stars. Two of the recruits play KB’s position and are the number 3 and 5 PF’s in the class, respectively. I think playtime will be about the same as last year if he stays at UK.
  2. JerryYeagley23

    College Bball Thread

    Still think there’s activity under the surface here. This is dad telling a local media outlet what they need to hear. Know this decision isn’t mutual between players and parent. Will be interested to see if a transfer out presents an opportunity that maybe they’re monitoring but doesn’t exist right now with the cream and crimson. Wouldn’t call this dead in the water yet.
  3. JerryYeagley23

    (2021) C Logan Duncomb to INDIANA

    This doesn’t change anything regarding Kaufman. We’re in VERY good shape still. Be patient.
  4. JerryYeagley23

    IUWBB - Off Season News and Notes

    Agree that Holmes was likely to get the bigger chunk of the minutes, but still we only go about 6-7 deep so she would have had a chance to play her way into a bigger role. By her junior and senior year she would have been a veteran starter we need to have to build continuity and keep the momentum in the program. This is a bummer. Moren REALLY needs to make some waves in the grad transfer market and with her next two recruiting classes. Because once Patberg, Berger, Patterson and Gulbe leave over the next two years we have lost several of our young recruits this season that would have assumed the mantle and kept things rolling. It’s starting to get a little tight on the depth chart.
  5. JerryYeagley23

    (2022) - SF Alex Karaban

    Most likely harmless. But this day and age, just reads weird to hear a kid quoted saying, “I’m also looking to do what’s best for my family, what’s going to help out my family the best as well.” Probably didn’t mean it that way, but almost cringe worthy based on the assumed dealings of many programs theses days.
  6. JerryYeagley23

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Seems like it could be a very nice piece to add to the team if Moren likes her. Averaged 28 pts, 11 reb and 5 assists a game as a senior for Auburn HS. Auburn is pretty far up in the Northeast of the state, so “staying closer to home” puts Purdue, Northwestern, Notre Dame and even Mich. St. in the vicinity just as much as Bloomington.
  7. JerryYeagley23

    IUWBB - Off Season News and Notes

    Berger is gonna be a stud for another two years. Sweet stroke and mid-range game.
  8. JerryYeagley23

    College Bball Thread

    Yikes. Yeah, Minny is gonna struggle next year. You almost have to feel for little Pitino a bit. Guy’s seat has been hot for about five years. It’s hard enough to convince talent to come play for a non-brand-name program up there in ice-cold Minnesota winters. He’s had guys leave early on him consistently it seems. Tough to establish any momentum for the program when that happens. Despite his relation to a total sleeze bag, by all accounts and watching his interviews Richard actually seems like a pretty decent guy.
  9. JerryYeagley23

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    If Livers stays in the draft Michigan is gonna take a step back next year. And yes, I know they have a great glass coming in. But losing those three guys who played a big part on the team this year will have an impact with fewer veterans with experience in Coach Howard’s system to get those frosh integrated and rolling.
  10. JerryYeagley23

    College Bball Thread

    Has Okuro (sp?) announced he’s leaving Minny yet?
  11. JerryYeagley23

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I think that is the right call.
  12. JerryYeagley23

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    Has this been announced? That he is coming back.
  13. JerryYeagley23

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Two words: exponential growth. This is a trend-line graphic. What you should be looking at is the trajectory, and slope of the line. Our trend-line is still vertical, which means it doesn’t matter what the number is compare to Italy or Spain or China; what matters is that our doubling rate is not curving, it is vertical. Representing exponential growth. Which means, it doesn’t matter how many cases currently we have compared to our total population. That velocity means it’s still moving with no end in sight. This isn’t a NYC thing. They were the first epicenter. Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, etc. are next if this growth rate doesn’t slow. And if it stays vertical growing exponentially, our gross numbers and per capita numbers will ALL dwarf those of other countries whose curves and doubling rates are flattening. Brass Cannon, keep fighting the good fight. I don’t have the time or energy to chime in as often as I’d like. Keep spreading facts and providing perspective.
  14. JerryYeagley23

    IU Baseball

    That’s awesome! Love the momentum the program has built and seems primed to maintain. Are any of the players on that list uncommitted and targets of ours?