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  1. Bigred3588

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Wheels are off. I’m out.
  2. Bigred3588

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Only reason I can think is that it’s an effective way of keeping players out of foul trouble on the road.
  3. Bigred3588

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    Green dropped an absolute dime. Race has to finish that.
  4. Solid offensive performance considering I’d usually bet against us scoring 89 in warmups
  5. I just don’t understand how, as a team, you aren’t ready for the press at this point in the game
  6. I was just about to say...best ending to this game would be to push the lead to 20 and see the franimal
  7. Hate to say it but yeah, no lead is safe with our team. Hopefully we got our drought out of the way.
  8. Well, you know what they say...it’s alway the retaliation that gets called. Hunter pushes him, put a finger in his face, and said what I assume was probably a threat. I didn’t have a problem with the call. Also didn’t have a problem with Hunter showing some heart.
  9. So Iowa sets a moving screen on their own player and it’s called on Smith?
  10. He can shoot, he just doesn’t look for his shot. Really wish he had Devonte’s confidence
  11. 15 just set two consecutive moving screens on that play
  12. Devonte taking stupid Devonte shots...but hitting them
  13. Liking the rebounding. Hating the FT shooting.