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  1. I didn’t quite phrase that comment correctly. I didn’t mean to insinuate that he should make him play. I meant to insinuate that he shouldn’t be sitting with the team. And that’s the kind of message I would want Archie to send to future recruits. If you’re willing to put yourself before the team, Indiana isn’t the right fit for you. Maybe my views are old school, but my allegiance is to the university, not the program. And I want to watch players who are there to represent the university. To me, that’s more important than our record.
  2. I really hope Archie isn’t allowing him to sit because of the draft. I’d lose a lot of respect for him if that’s the case.
  3. Big difference between sitting on a bench and getting paid millions to sit on a bench.
  4. Checked the Kentucky board and looked at about 15 posts. Three of them were “not sure he’ll be a good fit.” ”how tall is he? Don’t care to look it up.” ”What position does he play?”
  5. It’ll be interesting to see how he feels about Cal when Cal’s giving some freshman his spot next season
  6. He’s not wrong though...
  7. If this were true and it was a reputable source I’m pretty sure we’d have the same info from a source on our end.
  8. Bigred3588

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Fifth year senior. Freshman mistake. Story of our season.
  9. Bigred3588

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Terrible Smith and terrible Devonte are back smh
  10. Well...I’m really hoping IU can land Brooks but I won’t be too disappointed in losing out if this is the reason. I just don’t see Brooks as a one and done type of talent and I’d rather not see a guy come in and force things trying to prove that he is. That said, I hate losing Indiana players to UK and I’ll feel bad for Brooks if I’m right because that means he’ll ride the bench for a season or two and have to transfer because he bought into Cal’s BS.
  11. I loved my time at IU but man did we have a different sporting experience. I started in the fall of 06 and graduated in the spring of 2011. I had to watch the collapse of the EJ team followed by 6, 12, and 13 win seasons coupled with a football team that routinely lost to Ball State. God I hope those days are behind us for good.
  12. We have to be on the verge of some kind of team record for points in the paint.
  13. Normally this game would be a one-bid conference game and we’d be delayed on the back end in a matchup with tourney implications
  14. I feel like this is the longest half of basketball I’ve ever seen. Like, that multiple-overtime Uconn/Cuse game a few years back didn’t seem this long.
  15. Haha when he went to the line I looked at my gf and said “Damn, 4 points on 1 possession.” When I saw his form I looked back and said “correction, 2 points.”