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  1. Well said congressman. https://t.co/DYdtFtnRR3

  2. RT @cmclymer: Reminder on Florida gun laws: -- no state license to purchase -- no background check for private sales -- no firearm registr…

  3. You are such a liar. Please come to talk to your constituents https://t.co/MJjziCj6Uq

  4. @NBCOlympics as much as I love watching commercials, maybe u could include some content. As it is we watch one comp… https://t.co/AwqwGoP3hl

  5. Yeah @sagesteele you guys have to show this. https://t.co/KdT76oPj3f

  6. @k_pratico I am looking forward to the season. Have a great one. #huntershero https://t.co/Uu0sKJWXLM

  7. Help me & @StellaArtois bring awareness to the global water crisis. Tweet #1Chalice5Years for a special thank you. https://t.co/UzhgddgEdk

  8. Sometimes the good guys win. Congrats Philadelphia #SuperBowl52 @Eagles job well done.

  9. He also owes me an 8th grade year. #missedopportunity thanks @MHKennedy10 and @FXWChicago for the games and hospita… https://t.co/UWgPS5Jjf8

  10. Happy birthday Therese, from your Indiana family. @PaigeRisser @lakin_hunter @red_sox1334 we hope it is great. https://t.co/DBJWGaVyUd

  11. Great wines, I think she won the gift exchange though. Ties?? https://t.co/eD6tT7BwhK

  12. RT @mattmfm: Wynn has given millions of dollars to Republican candidates over the years, including to RNC, NRSC, NRCC, Trump and nearly eve…

  13. Sounds like the @GOP playbook right there. https://t.co/jQIdF06qP6

  14. RT @richarddeitsch: Below, is why everyone should take offense when political leaders and self-serving cable news Green Room guests blindly…

  15. Without a doubt B. A. was the man. I pity the fool... Every Tuesday night I watched this show. @PaigeRisser https://t.co/aDBvMAuyy5