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  1. I guess that didn't end up being much of a 2 minute drill but Ramsey shouldn't have come in quite yet. Gotta get Penix live minutes there that would've only been his 2nd 2 minute drill I think
  2. We haven't beaten tOSU since 1989. I imagine that in all that time we've played them before and after good teams, bad teams, conference and nonconference foes but gradman is just spamming nonsense non sequiturs per usual...
  3. Penix wasn't getting reps with the first team offense until he was named the starter so I'm hoping that improves with more familiarity
  4. Tackling does look much more sound this week, the defense hasn't played down to the competition or taken their foot off the gas due to the score
  5. Penix has totally transformed our offense in terms of our ability to threaten teams vertically... our receivers just need to help him out a bit more and complete more catches!
  6. Given when we last beat Ohio State do you really think designing our schedule around preparing for Ohio State makes sense?
  7. Nice to see us control the game against an overmatched opponent. Hopefully we can keep it up and Ramsey can play most of the 2nd half
  8. Aeggie


    So the only possible answer is a true freshman savior or grad transfer? That's the only way we could shoot better next year? Our worst and most high volume three point shooters are gone and we are returning a few guys that shot good percentages but alright you know it all
  9. Aeggie


    Lol there's a top 20 recruit in our class and that's option G? This board is hooked on histrionics
  10. Aeggie


    99% of schools don't always get their top targets. Every year a bunch of schools are recruiting all of the top 5 players very hard. Kansas, UNC, Arizona, pretty much everyone outside of Duke and Kentucky swing and miss on those guys all the time. When you recruit good players, it's going to be competitive. If we got our top target every year, we aren't recruiting a high enough caliber of player. We could recruit 3-star guys and land our top target every single year probably, but Archie is fighting for recruits that we're competitive for because that's the way to get the best players. And the nature of real competition is that you don't always win. It's the nature of sport itself.
  11. This is just ignorant. Penny was one of the biggest stars of his era just like Grant Hill and injuries shortened his career just like Grant Hill. Before that, he had a great NBA career which included a trip to the Finals. It just sounds stupid to say he never exceeded expectations like he was expected to be drafted 3rd overall out of high school. He wasn't. And Archie hasn't won a championship at the collegiate or NBA level either btw. Never mind all that anyway because it could just as easily be Penny's personality that draws kids or something else. Who cares? I hope Lester chooses us, if he goes to Memphis or elsewhere I hope he does well but I don't care why and none of us will ever really know why anyway
  12. Royce White was a 5* coming out of high school, I believe, and was originally at Minnesota. Jameel Mckay was from Marquette. Korie Luscious was from Michigan State. Will Clyburn from Utah. A lot of those guys were 5* or high 4* guys coming out of high school. He was able to get those guys at ISU because a lot of schools weren't recruiting transfers. Maybe he has identified a bunch of hidden gems in these guys he just got at Nebraska but at a glance it's a much different level of talent than he was able to get off of the transfer market at ISU because he popularized recruiting transfers throughout the sport. He could be a better coach than I think, and I think he's good, and win anyway but he has a tough build ahead of him I think.
  13. Maybe, but will it be enough to get Nebraska a tournament win? He's getting a much lower caliber of transfer than he was when he founded Transfer U at ISU, since most major coaches didn't really consider transfers... but now UNC and UK are taking the top transfers off the market and the best incoming freshmen so the transfer market is as competitive as regular recruiting and Nebraska has relatively similar pull. Hoiberg was getting transfers from high majors at ISU, I don't think any of the guys he has brought in at Nebraska come from high majors unless I missed one. I think he's a good coach so I see him outperforming his talent a bit but I don't think he'll reach the highs he did at ISU.
  14. Christian is not Trendon and Trendon is not Christian. Anyone with a sibling knows they can't read your mind or perfectly represent your views even if you are very close. All that being said he may just be retweeting someone because they said anything positive about his brother. They're talking about how good he is. Mentioning that he could potentially leave after one year just contextualizes HOW good he is as that's a rarefied tier. Or maybe Christian knows who runs the account and is trying to push views to the platform. Could be anything. And no matter what it is Christian is not his brother. You have to really twist yourself into knots to take a tweet written by someone else, retweeted by a recruit's brother for unknown reasons, and take that to imply something negative about the recruit himself. It's powerfully ridiculous.
  15. It's not even a tweet he wrote, how in the world does that reflect upon Trendon in any way, shape, or form?