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  1. DougWil

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    So your argument is that college athletes - no matter what their value they may be - should not make closer to their true worth because employees at other big businesses do not make their true worth. You are correct that my mindset is quite different than yours, although I wouldn't characterize it as myopic.
  2. DougWil

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    Here's a report that says the average annual athletic scholarship at IU-Bloomington in 2017-18 was $23,065 for men and $21,929 for women. That includes full and partial scholarships. The report doesn't break IU's numbers down by sport, but nationally it shows that the sports with the highest average annual scholarship amounts for NCAA1 were women's hockey at $41,693 women's gymnastics at $40,172, men's basketball at $38,246, women's basketball at $36,758, and football at $36,070. http://www.scholarshipstats.com/average-per-athlete.html These amounts are a lot of money for young people, but not much at all in comparison to the money being raked in by the high-profile sports at many large universities. IU reported $123 million in athletic revenue in 2018. Archie Miller makes a salary of $3.35 million per year. Tom Allen makes between $2 and $3 million depending on the incentives he earns. In that environment, I'm glad if a star player can legally earn some additional money to put in the bank. After all, is Archie Miller or any coach truly worth more than 800 times the value of his best player in a given year? If you go by Archie's financial compensation compared to a player's (800x$40Kscholarship=$3.2M), that's what the numbers suggest.
  3. DougWil

    IUBB @ Michigan - 1/6/19 @ 4:30 ET

    There were some thoughts from Archie Miller about that during his radio show this week: On Sunday’s loss at Crisler Center: “We did not control the controllable things. Why are we getting in trouble early? Why are we taking punches? To me, the identity of your team for the full 40 minutes, how we start the race — we’re not running fast enough. We’re not running hard enough at the start of the race and then we’re playing catch-up. We have to come out tougher defensively and more disciplined on offense. The freelancing on offense in the first four-to-six minutes is not giving us quality offense. … We shoot too many perimeter jump shots, then we get back to what we do. If you watched the second half, we had a really efficient second half. We got great shots. We didn’t finish as well around the basket and we had some ones that didn’t go down (but) I think we had it to seven with 11 minutes to go. That’s a workable margin for us. Give them credit. They were on their game, too, on the other end. We struggled to defend on the pick-and-roll. There’s a lot to learn from the game, but we have to get back to work because going to Maryland is going to be just as difficult.” On whether IU’s lack of toughness at the start of games is partly a mental hurdle: “We’re a big game on the schedule. That we’re an improved team this year has made a heightened awareness of it. I felt it against Butler. I felt the charge in the Louisville game. I felt the charge in Crisler Arena. At the same time, it’s part of it to understand that we are a big game. For our team, especially at home, it’s understanding how ready you have to be to come off the ball and set the tone. Setting the tone, to me, starts with your upperclass players. For me, we’re gonna have to look at Juwan and say, ‘Set the tone and start demanding the ball.’ Our guards have to think more about playmaking ability rather than trying to shoot early in the game. Think about making somebody better. Make the extra pass. Drive not to shoot, but to pass.” https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2019/01/highlights-from-archie-millers-weekly-radio-show-6/
  4. DougWil

    (2020) C Zach Loveday to Baylor

    Other notable Ohio State alumni: Jeffrey Dahmer and felons Art Schlichter and Maurice Clarett.