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  1. I dont post much on here very often, but I have been very negative about Justin Smith when I have posted anything. Today he made a lot of big plays that didnt involve scoring or his athletic ability. They may have very well lost that game without him, so he deserves a lot of credit. If this team wants to be better next year, it is going to depend on him and Miller putting Brunk as a backup to Jackson-Davis and Thompson in the starting lineup. If he can do it every game is still the big question. No one wants to see it once every 10 games next year like we saw that with Green this year.
  2. connchr71

    The Next Six Games

    I remember the team that proved they didn't belong in a home game against Wichita St.
  3. connchr71

    The Next Six Games

    2 - 6 in the final 8 games. If they lose to Iowa and Penn St. their win total may remain at 15 for the season. 17 - 14 would get them a NIT bid that I dont think would be very deserving. The one constant that has been the same for Millers 3 years in every game is Justin Smith. I wish they would just put him on the bench for a few games with no minutes. He looks like he has no idea how to PLAY the game and I cant say for sure if it is all him or if Miller puts him in a lot of bad positions(Green would have to stay on the bench also). Crean really worked Indiana over on that recruit. Problem with that is though is they dont even have a backup at that position which also goes back to Miller. Hunter is really it and I see him as more of a SG. It would be worth a try because I think he has played 25 - 30 minutes every game since his freshman year
  4. Horrible reasoning. Blame the coach when they lose to everyone else, but they can overcome it when they are playing against the best coach in the Big 10????? I admit, he is bad in every phase of coaching, but sometimes bad teams just have good teams number. They are very short on talent in todays game with the importance of 3 point shooting and 2 players (Smith and Green) that should be told to go home and not come back.
  5. connchr71

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    OMG!!!!!!!! I have got to pull this one back up next March. This is a horrible direction to go unless davis isnt staying for his last year. I dont really like the 3 point shot and the new way most college and pro teams play, you have to adapt to the way the game is played. This is doing a complete opposite.I really dont think they have a direction and seem totally lost. Welcome home???? He is leaving home to go to Bloomington.
  6. connchr71

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    I hope you are right!!! I am totally confused about a lot of you about him. Are you guys hooked on terrible high school player rankings and Indiana kids? I am a big Butler fan and have saw him play more than enough. His better games were against low-level teams and struggled most other times in a conference that was very poor this year. I have only watched Jackson-Davis play once in New Castle against Westveiw. And it wasnt a good one. If it wasnt for a bench player that had Romeo hair, they would have lost that game. But I did see enough to know Jackson-Davis is a CENTER. He is not a 4. Davis is a center also. All 3 are centers ONLY. You can not play 2 of these 3 guys together. This team has way too many needs in other areas. 3 centers that expect playing time is not a good solution to this disaster.
  7. connchr71

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Did you go to Fantasy Land for spring break?????? I am not gonna say anything bad about Brunk after what he has been through after high school, but come on. I am just as big of Butler fan as IU, but he was playing on a team that was one of the worst teams in a conference that was really bad this year. None of these teams(Big East) had very strong inside games at all. A lot of his stats came against the weaker non conference teams. When I heard of the transfer I was thinking (Ball State,Miami of Ohio, Indiana State) than I was IU. Then I see all of this on here about a lot of people excited about him. Is it because he WAS a top 100 recruit and from Indiana coming out of high school??? Things change, and in this situation expectations should be a lot lower than they were 3 years ago. You want a good example of kids being over-rated in high school, go dig up a video of Southport vs Connersville in the 2016 regional.
  8. connchr71

    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    Well at least he will be use to losing in the 1st round of a tournament.
  9. That is funny. And as much as I didnt like Crean, we just might have one worse than him. That is not so funny. I have my doubts about ever seeing a 20 win season with him.
  10. connchr71

    Pack line defense..

    Come on people, IU could have held them to 50 And guess what, they still lose. Offense is entire problem. They are just as bad offensively with Miller as they were in the past with Crean defensively. I am starting to wonder if the offensive problems might even be a little worse. I hope you arent hoping for improvement next year with recruits helping. I watched Cathedral play my high school team last year and had NO IDEA there was even a division 1 player on the floor. I am not going to even talk about Davis - watched him against Westview in New Castle and that was a total joke. Mcdonalds all-american???????!!!!!
  11. What exactly is Blackmon leaving for????? D league? maybe play on someones summer league team? China? Greece? France? How can anybody think he is anything more?
  12. She was already out of school. That is a little bit much to start something like that. She was Miss Basketball in 98 or 99 from my hometown. Schilling played in high school at Connersville until his junior year when they moved to Lebanon. She was already out of college (Tennessee and UC Santa Barbra) before they did anymore than cross paths! She was an asst at Park Tudor when he was coaching there with Ferrell. April is 35 years old now, and that all happened 7 or 8 years ago. Do the math!!!!
  13. Schilling also married his asst coach at Park Tudor (former Miss Basketball).She is from Indiana too. That Park Tudor situation sounds like a mess from beginning to end. Don't know what Schilling is really like.
  14. connchr71

    A spin on our returning roster/recruits

    It is right there in front of you. The only thing that changed in 15-16 was him being out. The defense is obvious- don't even see how an argument could be made. His high school years were the same. Marion played some bad to average teams that IF they won had to score in 80s to do it.
  15. connchr71

    A spin on our returning roster/recruits

    I will only vote for #12 #13 - #12 Priller #13 Blackmon. Everyone else would be welcomed back. Just because you can shoot a basketball does not mean you can play the game. Blackmon was just as much of a problem as Crean. One of the worst players defensively I have ever seen. With him on the floor there was no balance on offense. There was a reason they were so bad at the beginning of 15-16 and so good later with him out!!!! (and that is even still having Crean as their coach!) Him leaving would be a HUGE addition by subtraction.