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  1. FearMcCracken

    More than one year?

    Sorry if I missed this in the mega-thread, but wondering if anyone else is reading between the lines and thinking RL is planning to stay for more than one year? The circumstantial evidence is his link to TJD and KB who have been obvious in their desire to play with Romeo, and the fact that he said he thinks this is a "national championship team" - surely he couldn't have meant this year's team, right? He was looking forward to next year, right?
  2. If anyone cares, had this lively discussion today - If you are from or live in Indiana, rank these championships in the order of importance based on which ones you care about the most. 1. IUBB wins another national championship (Yeah I know that’s gonna be #1) 2. Colts win another Super Bowl 3. Pacers win NBA championship 4. IUFB goes to the Rose Bowl. That’s my order... any takers?
  3. FearMcCracken

    Can we change the script?

    Seems like the Marian game went like most cupcake games on the Crean era. The underdog team comes out on fire and IU is behind at the 5-minute mark. IU goes on the run and has a semi-comfortable lead at halftime. IU comes out flat in the second half and the underdog team cuts it to single digits. IU goes on another run in wins by at least 25. Waiting to see Miller’s teams have more of a killer instinct than Crean’s teams had.
  4. FearMcCracken

    (2018) G/F Damezi Anderson to IU

    Thought Damezi was more like 6’4”. He certainly moves like a smaller guard. So is he a 2 or a 3? Fun player to watch.
  5. FearMcCracken

    (2018) G/F Damezi Anderson to IU

    Maybe somebody’s already made this observation, but does anybody else get Ron Patterson vibes from the Damezi Anderson? Similar size, length, streaky scorers...