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  1. True - that would be great. Would it be greedy of me if I wanted the greatness to extend through Sunday?
  2. Lets hope so. That would be a great 3 days
  3. How else would he fly? Also school would pay for recruiting trips
  4. I would guess the same. I don’t think brooks has Archie leaving Chicago just to say no....
  5. Snow says pick is still UK but that TJD really confident it's IU....
  6. A lot of people including "insiders" thought Garland was going to Indiana. I remember it very well...it wasn't till the morning of his announcement that things began to sway heavily towards Vandy. Also, as someone mentioned...Rabjohns wouldn't have traveled hours for announcement if he thought the choice was anything but Indiana. Also, if memory serves me well - wasn't Rabjohns disappointed after the announcement? -- he felt as though he was dragged along by the Garlands?
  7. He's certainly not a priority to the fans....Lets not forget also that UK fans were literally tweeting Brooks that they didn't want him in Lexington
  8. I have no reason to believe we will win. minny - 60 Us - 49
  9. Hoosier987


    Phenomenal win!
  10. He was offered by Sampson. Wasn't going to be a walk - on. I saw the kid play against Xavier earlier this year up close. He needs to get bigger and put on weight - but he's not afraid to shoot and take over the game...he's a good player.
  11. Corey Evans just said the other day that: Stewart is expected to make a commitment before February rolls around. This is more of a three-horse battle between Duke, Kentucky and Washington. No mention of MSU - I suppose things could always change tho
  12. Hoosier987

    IUBB @ Michigan - 1/6/19 @ 4:30 ET

    We really should consider having Romeo take the ball up half the time. Green just needs to stay out the way on offense - maybe knock down a 3, and play defense
  13. Hoosier987

    Bracketology and team resumes thread

    NBC just came out with their first one of the year. They have us as a 3 seed in the West region. https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2019/01/03/bracketology-duke-leads-opening-field-of-68/
  14. Hoosier987

    Injury Updates

    As expected. I assume he’ll continue to get better during break and hope he and everyone else takes the opportunity to rest up and come back better than ever
  15. Hoosier987

    Injury Updates

    Trevor Lawrence (Clemson Qb) was on concussion protocol earlier this year. He was on it for two days and played the following week. It all depends on symptoms. Regardless, rob has a good time to rest with it being break, and wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him play against Illinois