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  1. A Michigan fan site claims the final four are Juwan Howard, Ed Cooley, LaVall Jordan and Shaka Smart.
  2. Exactly. ... Those guys are pretty good at what they do and how many mediocre coaches have we seen recycled again and again in the Association? ... Except for rare occasions -- Popovich, Sloan (when he was coaching) -- it seems as if many NBA coaches end up having worked for 3-4 teams before they hang up the whistle and clipboard. ... TBH, I think I'd actually rather coach 18-22 year-olds than headstrong dudes making millions, but I sure wouldn't want to have to travel all over the country begging those kids to play for me.
  3. Apparently, according to 247Sports, neither Stevens nor Donovan are interested. That's not surprising to me. The Detroit paper had an update saying Juwan Howard and LaVall Jordan are included on the Michigan AD's list. It also mentions there's been a lot of speculation on Shaka Smart. Also said Ed Cooley is a likely candidate. Interesting about Smart. Coaches seem to do very well at Virginia Commonwealth, but not so much when they move to a Power 5 school. Jeff Capel was great at VCU; fired at Oklahoma. Anthony Grant was great at VCU; fired at Alabama. Shaka Smart was great at VCU; still at Texas, but has been relatively mediocre. Will Wade was great at VCU; is in trouble because he's a cheating dog at LSU. Also, Jalen Wilson -- 6-8 four-star small forward from Denton, Texas -- asked Michigan to be released from his LOI. 247sports says he's a "big perimeter prospect that possesses shooting ability and skill." ... We apparently weren't in on him in his initial recruiting (before signing with Michigan, his other schools listed on that website were Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Arizona State). ... Hoping Archie at least takes a look.
  4. Not sure we could be more sloppy or more stupid than we've been in the top of the 12th. ... Really, really shoddy baseball.
  5. Apparently, Oats already has said he's not interested. ... Jeff Goodman threw Chris Collins' name out there, too.
  6. Hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling our best hitter taking a called third strike right down the middle of the plate with the bases loaded is gonna come back to haunt us.
  7. LamarCheeks

    IUWBB 2019-2020 Schedule

    Yikes. South Carolina the first night, and Baylor the second? ... That could be a couple losses totaling 80 or more points.
  8. Overall, I've got RMK at IU for 29 years and Piggy Lambert at PU for 29 years (though not consecutively). Anybody ever been at a B1G school for a longer period?
  9. LamarCheeks

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Juwan Howard? ... He's a Heat assistant and been a candidate for a couple NBA jobs. Has no college experience, but neither did Penny or Stackhouse.
  10. LamarCheeks

    2018-2019 Governor's Cup

    This is great -- and no offense to all our sports, but I'd trade this for a football win and a sweep in men's basketball.
  11. I can totally see that. Not only is there the frustration with players testing the NBA -- maybe they come back, maybe they don't, and you don't know till the end of May. But he seems like an old-school guy who likes to keep things on the up and up, and he's probably tired of going to recruits with: "We can get you a great education at a great school. We play in the nation's best conference and on a national stage. We can make you a better basketball player." While others go at them with: "I can get you a hundred grand -- maybe 150 grand if you commit within the next week."
  12. LamarCheeks

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    If he hadn't just signed a new deal paying him nearly $5 million a year, I could see UM throwing a ton of money at Chris Beard. Maybe they'd still try -- he bolted UNLV not long after signing a deal there. ... Also wonder if they might try throwing big bucks at Tony Bennett. The thought about him has been that he doesn't want to be at a place where he'd be in a fish bowl -- and football always will be king in Ann Arbor. Jay Wright? After reaching two NCAA title games in the past few years, I don't see Michigan going small with this hire. I could be wrong, however (I often am), but I see them wanting to make a huge splash.
  13. OK, after the shock wears off, here's the important question: Does Michigan have any shooters who would want to transfer that we can swoop in on? LOL!
  14. I just hope that at some point, he doesn't say that it's not about the money. Because it HAS to be ... Michigan is a much better job than coaching the Cavaliers! This is awful timing for the Wolf pups. To be searching for a coach in the middle of May -- ish!
  15. LamarCheeks

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Apparently, one of the conditions imposed on Tyronn Lue was that he hire Jason Kidd as an assistant. And now I see that Kidd will be on Vogel's staff. My question: Why didn't the Lakers just hire Kidd as head coach? ... That has become one bizarre franchise.