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  1. LamarCheeks

    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    Schwarbs displaying some exceptional speed!! (Needs a HR and single for the cycle!)
  2. LamarCheeks

    #IUMS vs Notre Dame - 7 PM/BTN

    Good grief -- that ND goalie is a monster. He's huge!
  3. LamarCheeks

    Fire Fred Glass

    1. Why is it that whenever someone complains about something you are so eager to defend, we're bitching for the sake of it. I already said, nobody is bitching for the sake of it. We're all IU fans, have a vested interested in the athletic programs and are not bitching for the sake of it. 2. You have no idea if I think the sky is falling or not. If that were the case, they sky has been falling pretty much ever since Mallory left. This conversation is over. Your response -- whether it's about Dakich or this -- always is the same: "I'm right. You're wrong. And you cannot disagree with me, or I will browbeat you until you change your mind."
  4. LamarCheeks

    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    Schwar-bomb No. 37 -- this one of the three-run variety. With Baez, Rizzo and Russell all injured, we're gonna need Schwarbs to keep on rakin'.
  5. LamarCheeks

    Fire Fred Glass

    No, we're not all bitching to b*tch. That's a pretty GD patronizing remark if you ask me. There's nothing wrong with wanting to win more than five games a year and thinking we settled on a coach with a mediocre resume when it seems as if we never even explored other options. I don't get how his resume was worthy of a look. He was a position coach at Mississippi and a college DC for two years -- only one at a Power 5 school. That spells B1G head coach? Really? And I think just about everyone realizes our schedule isn't easy. You're not privy that that opinion. That's not your secret. But other than Illinois, we don't beat teams on the other side of the conference, either. Let's face it, in basketball, we used to dominate the likes of Northwestern, Penn State and Wisconsin. Now when we meet those teams, it's almost a tossup -- and we're usually underdogs to Wisconsin. But in football, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State used to dominate us -- and still do. Regardless of what side of the conference we're on, we need to start beating those teams every now and then. Against Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State, we have one win in the past 30 years. That's ridiculous.
  6. LamarCheeks

    Daily MLB Banter

    I would love to agree with your awesome outlook, but I'm sticking by my prediction that we don't make the playoffs. By we, I mean the Cubs. I think our utter destruction of the Buccos over the weekend, rather than a beginning -- is an ending. I think that was our final surge, so to speak. Our last gasp. The Reds have given us trouble this year (we go into tonight 7-9 against them) and we fired our final shot over the weekend. Sooner or later, you're reduced to what your are, and I think that's going to show over these final games. You simply cannot go into a hotly contested playoff race without the likes of Baez, Rizzo, Kimbrel and Russell and expect to keep pace. Not making injury excuses, just keeping it real. And we've never gone on a tear this season, and instead have been up and down. And our next trend is down. My prediction isn't totally the opposite of you, but close. I bet you take two of three from the Nats and we drop two of three, and you come into Wrigley with a four-game lead. I think the Cards win the Central and the Nats and Beermakers take the wild-cards. Hope the Cubs prove me wrong, but I'm not holding my breath ...
  7. LamarCheeks

    Fire Fred Glass

    What other coaches were considered and contacted? I don't buy it. The time frame doesn't work. We finished the season on a Saturday (Nov. 26) and Wilson's firing and Allen's hiring were announced the following Thursday (Dec. 1). Within that five-day period, whom could he have contacted? The season was still going on for many schools. ... Did he contact Warren Central's coach? He could not have done anything close to an even half-hearted search in that amount of time. If he really wanted to conduct a thorough search, he would've waited till the season were over. Simply put, he took the easiest path -- that of least resistance. And gave the job to Allen.
  8. LamarCheeks

    College Bball Thread

    So, U.Va. offers to add a year to Tony Bennett's contract and give him a raise. He takes the extra year, but turns down the raise. Says that he and his wife are more than happy with the money they're making and tells U.Va. to spend the money on his assistants or on other athletic programs. ... Is this guy for real? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27629534/virginia-bennett-rejects-raise-new-deal
  9. LamarCheeks

    Fire Fred Glass

    Actually, it's a very apt comparison. Allen did absolutely nothing to be given the keys to a B1G program. Nothing. He'd been at IU for all of one season ... Likewise, Buckley wouldn't have done anything to deserve the gig.
  10. LamarCheeks

    Fire Fred Glass

    His hiring of Tom Allen would've been the same thing as firing Tom Crean, then making Tim Buckley the head coach. That he didn't even search for a coach remains very exasperating -- at least to me. Or since the timing of Wilson's dismissal wasn't great, why not name Allen the interim coach and then conduct a thorough, national search?
  11. LamarCheeks

    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    If you want to all three games and they scored 47 runs -- maybe you could keep going? We need all the help we can get! LOL!
  12. LamarCheeks

    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    Schwar-bomb No. 36. .... Cubbies really ate their Wheaties this weekend! They've scored 47 runs in three games against the Bucs.
  13. The staff must not think Tuttle is ready or talented enough -- or something. For him to come in and throw just two passes in a game that was over after the first quarter is puzzling, especially with the way Ramsey was performing ... Why not play Tuttle for a good bit of the second half, so he can get some experience and so they can see what they have? ... I mean, we lost by six TDs; it wasn't gonna get much worse than that. And if it did, so what? ... Wonder if it's like the Clifton Moore conundrum -- we needed minutes from our bigs on the bench, yet he barely sniffed the court last season. Many of us (including me) wondered why? Turns out, he just wasn't good enough.
  14. Not a Steelers fan, but I always had an appreciation for Chuck Noll. His philosophy was all that rah-rah, cheerleading crap doesn't accomplish diddly squat. The fundamentals you've been taught, how you execute those fundamentals in practice and your preparation are what's going to make a difference. Not ranting and raving about Buster Douglas before the game.
  15. I was almost hoping Hendershot would get waylaid as he trotted toward the end zone. Get your a$$ moving, son! It's 30-3. You've got no cause to take anything for granted or relax or showboat!