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  1. indianaranger

    College Bball Thread

    Romeo playing with fire?Never happened while at Indiana.
  2. He is going to Kentucky need to turn attention now to players who can shoot the basketball and one more big for next year.
  3. Good luck at UK the only way you will live up to their expectations is if you do not lose any games if you do not meet their standards you will be trashed beyond anything that would happen at Indiana!!
  4. indianaranger

    Prediction League (Game 27 - @ Iowa 2/22/19)

    64-48 Iowa.
  5. indianaranger

    How Good or Bad Will Next Season Be?

    About same amount of wins.
  6. indianaranger

    Prediction League (Game 26 - Purdue 2/19/19)

    65-45 Purdue
  7. indianaranger

    Prediction League (Game 20 - Michigan 1/25/19)

    Michigan 80 Indiana55
  8. Northwestern 60 Indiana 52
  9. indianaranger

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Davis can hardly walk.
  10. indianaranger

    WBB vs. Wisconsin 1/13 @ 3 pm

    Who won game?
  11. Maybe why Watford is visiting later we are losing ground on Brooks.
  12. indianaranger

    Prayer Thread

    We can never figure out life and i don't think we have too just trust god that he is in control and everything we need to know will come in his time and not our's.Prayers your way.
  13. indianaranger

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    Like to get Leal.
  14. indianaranger

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    Archie next great young coach in college basketball just think their are other players he can get as good or better maybe not as good but great 4 year players.The hype on recruits are too much.