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  1. I understand that....but they do not even care if he goes there.....you will be whistling in the wind brother. This is why Hoosier Nation is special......we want our own to wear the stripes!!!!
  2. Just be good Hoosier fans either way. Do not gloat. Do not disparage.....celebrate accordingly with our values.....or accept defeat with class and dignity. This fan base is what sets us apart. Please live up to that standard. It is what makes me PROUD to be a HOOSIER! Love and Light!
  3. I posted this on another site. If my best friend did that to me....I would punch him in the face....seriously. ESPECIALLY if I had a game the next day...the biggest game of my life....yeah.....punch for sure.
  4. Living in Florida, I hate when the winds blow north.....brings up all that tropical moisture. I'll allow it in this situation.
  5. OK....question. Secure KBJ and he stays lets say 2 years. Or a 4 year impact player similar to say a Matt Nover. Which would you rather have? I would go with the Nover type. I want upperclassmen....I want senior and junior leaders. Build the program. Guys that instill the culture on this team. 1 and 2 year players rarely do that. That does not mean I do not want KBJ, but if Archie has a backup plan, and that plan nets us a solid 4 year player/leader. I am ALL IN!
  6. It turned out with us sucking butt this season. Or are you referring how it turned out with Darius, because that turned out horrible for him and Vandy.
  7. mookied39

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    My team's on the floor.
  8. mookied39

    Indiana Basketball and Culture

    Who is doing the podcast? How closely are they associated with the program? Thanks.
  9. mookied39

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    If they were high, I would think you were.
  10. mookied39

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    MAJOR REBUILD. I mean don't fire me yet.
  11. mookied39

    Dan Dakich during Flor/Kent game

    Last night an unranked IU team beat a top 10 team on the road for the first time since 82. And then there is this thread. GO HOOSIERS!!!
  12. mookied39

    Dan Dakich during Flor/Kent game

    A all of words for someone that does not care about what people say about him. Oy vey.
  13. mookied39

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Al could be a VERY good player 2 years from now. There are tons of examples of players that were average at best their sophomore year, that became damm good players as seniors. CWat was no great player as a sophmore.
  14. mookied39

    Inclined to Give Archie a Break

    It really annoys me when people make an unquantifiable statement to back up their argument, and present this as fact. Josh, you do this A LOT.