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  1. dyedinthewool

    Prediction League (Game 3 - Marquette 11/14/18)

    Hoosiers with too much length and speed. 78-71 Good Guys
  2. dyedinthewool

    Evan Fitzner to IU

    Senior leadership is one of the attributes he brings this year. He seems to have a high Hoops IQ as well. Our lack of size inside will not be an issue this season. Can you imagine the competitive practices this summer? Do we have a better outside threat than Fitzner tlhis year? His decision to transfer was based largely on the fact he was relegated to a sixth man role after starting his first two years. The big question is, can he work his way into a starters role on a very talented team at IU? His GPA might have been another factor in CAM extending an offer.
  3. dyedinthewool

    Hartman Return

    That is great news. Let's hope he recovers 100%. We don't need any nagging injuries this early.
  4. dyedinthewool

    Hartman Return

    Has anyone heard how his groin injury is doing? When he returns, will it be in a starting role and if so, who's minutes does he replace? This team will have a new look with CH on the floor. He is one of, if not the best outside threat on our roster. Senior leadership to go along with high BBIQ. It would be nice to see him back in the fold for the Duke game. With that said, he will not be in the best basketball shape. His absence may be a bit of a blessing as CAM has been able to give our young front court players some valuable early minutes. How do you see CH being utilized moving forward, a starter, or one of the best sixth men in the BIG?
  5. dyedinthewool

    A Reason For Optimism

    The players are still in the thinking mode at both ends of the floor. They're learning an entire new system. As they adapt and have more confidence, we will see strides on both ends of the floor. CAM is still in the learning mode as well with this team. The rotations will become more and more effective as he learns the players capabilities. We have a tough stretch coming up, but not to worry, it will prepare us for January and beyond.
  6. dyedinthewool

    Al Durham

    He may not be the most gifted player on our roster, but he has tons more heart than a few upperclassmen this year. I agree with Feathery. Give the kid more minutes. He should be a huge wake up call for some.
  7. dyedinthewool

    My Way Too Early Opinion on this Season/Team

    CTC did not look for or recruit defensive players. Even the few that he brought in that could play defense never progressed. Shooters, athletic ability, and solid grades were the criteria for the most part. In walks CAM, with a completely different vision of how he wants to play. Defense is at the top of his list. For the upperclassmen, it is not just a matter of flipping the switch. It takes time to learn. It also takes a willingness and desire to play great defense. CAM is tasked with totally changing the style of play with a several key players that in the past have only concentrated on one end of the floor. Couple that with learning how to play in a half court offense, and the challenge becomes a mountain. We will take our lumps this year as the team struggles with a new offense as well as trying to learn a new concept, defense. My bet is there is not a single member on this board, myself included, that predicted the starting five that will be introduced for our first BIG game. By this time next year the team will have a good grasp on what is expected. Hopefully the learning curve this season will be fun to watch. Go Hoosiers!
  8. dyedinthewool

    (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy

    Makes you wonder who "We" is suppose to be.
  9. dyedinthewool

    (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy

    This reminds me of the CZ recruitment. Ebbs and tides. Read the tea leaves and put the CB and pundits talk aside. The wind is still blowing North to Btown.
  10. dyedinthewool

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    No perimeter defense at all. I thought that is what we have been working on.?
  11. dyedinthewool

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    This is not what we expected. No defense at all.
  12. dyedinthewool

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    No outside threat!