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  1. finky

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    For or at I'd settle for a player who can hit 45-48% of their outside Jumpers
  2. Looks like Keion might be coming to play hoops at IU after all. He just decommitted from Kentucky
  3. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Yep......dumbest thing a program to do is self report. Why Kansas, Duke, North Carolina and all the true Blue Bloods have never been in trouble....they don't rat themselves out. NCAA couldn't find a piece of tail in a w h ore house on $1 night :)
  4. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    yes, yes I would
  5. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Serious rebuild? What does that even mean? The first year Crean Coached at IU....that is a serious rebuild. Archie just took over a mediocre team.
  6. Yeah, not finding minutes this year........wish him the best, that was the right decision for the young man
  7. Not to be like this :) aren't those what Asst Coaches do?
  8. After next year, and I hope that is a Tournament run and a 22-8 record.....we have to stop with "these aren't Archies players" "these players don't fit his system" blah blah blah. I think the Team is in the exact same position it was when we fired Crean, after two years. If I hired a Sales guy and his sales were the same after two years...buh bye. Archie isn't running some special system that takes three years and 300 classroom hours to learn. Most teams basically run all the same stuff. Players need to learn to play with each other AND anticipate each other. The Coaches job is to find the line up that does that the best and to find substitution patterns that don't kill the team. Archie didn't inherit a program that was awful, Crean did. I'm not a big fan of Crean's, especially his in game decisions. BUT..I'm a huge fan of Creans ability to spot potential talent and then to develop it. I'm not seeing any of that. I actually thought DeRon looked much better this year than last, other than that...they were all roughly the same players. This talk of "rebuild" is the biggest pile of participation trophy horse turds that I've ever seen. We just aren't getting better. I'm not saying Archie is the problem, but, he has to be the solution. Next year he will be Coaching for his job. I really don't want Glass making another hiring decision (my opinion)...Archie won't survive missing the Tournament next year...take that to the bank ..... Glass insulted the BOT when he said "rebuild"...I should say I know he insulted at least one because that person told me.."Yeah..that was insulting..he thinks we are f'ing morons". (maybe the second time I've heard him swear, the first time was talking to him about the Watford shot) Lot's of pressure next year....I honestly hope Archie does it and makes many of us eat crow. Go Hoosiers!
  9. Anderson is 2-3 years away from catching up defensively. If Archie has a heart, he will help the young man find a slower conference to play in. Moore is in his second year, he isn't ready for the court...he probably should go. Forrester has this offseason to be ready, hope he takes advantage of it. Moore was here last year correct? He was hurt I think....but....he didn't look like he made any use of his down time last year to learn the game/system. All Freshman should have some good and bad moments......I just can't remember the good from any of these three (Full disclosure: I tuned out mid February for the most part)
  10. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Look at the BOT and Fred...bunch of DEEPLY ROOTED old school Attorneys with nothing but Political connections in Indiana...."I was wrong or I'm just not sure how to do that" are phrases that extremely intelligent people use all the time. I guarantee those phrases have never came out of any of their mouths. Purdue got lucky with Mitch, he knows and knows how to keep their kind away. IU's problems run much deeper than just Fred....even if they decided to move on from Fred...I'm sure they have the next Attorney at one of the local firms circled for that as opposed to an AD who understands the competition side of College Athletics. I've been critical of Fred. I don't think he is a bad guy and I do believe he wants the best for IU.
  11. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    WHo is Shoulders?
  12. finky

    College Bball Thread

    Always fun watching Purdue lose. Regardless what hurt feeling Fred Glass says......I think the students should still chant **** Purdue and **** Harms...cuz....**** Purdue
  13. Why would another Coach want to come here? Million dollar salary, great facilities, decent history, basketball state, great campus, one of the largest recruting budgets. Any Coach that would be worth the hire would look at the two year body of work by Miller and understand the deal....wouldn't even phase them
  14. Gotcha...well..he will still now see the Tourney next year and he can say hi to Romeo in Belarus :)