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  1. finky

    College Bball Thread

    Always fun watching Purdue lose. Regardless what hurt feeling Fred Glass says......I think the students should still chant **** Purdue and **** Harms...cuz....**** Purdue
  2. Why would another Coach want to come here? Million dollar salary, great facilities, decent history, basketball state, great campus, one of the largest recruting budgets. Any Coach that would be worth the hire would look at the two year body of work by Miller and understand the deal....wouldn't even phase them
  3. Gotcha...well..he will still now see the Tourney next year and he can say hi to Romeo in Belarus :)
  4. If he is only going to be in College for a year, why not go to a program where you get to play in the NCAA tourney. Good decision.
  5. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Corsnsultants......also known as the Boosters who give a bunch of money and think since they had dinner one night with Bob Knight 40 years ago they were qualified in knowing that success in Dayton = success at Indiana and bullied Fred into it. (I have no idea if this happened but I could see it working like this)
  6. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Let's highlight some of Fred's finer moves over the past few years 1. Indiana/Ohio ST Football game to start off 2017 Season. Full house in Bloomington. I have reserved parking, in a lot, not a spot. Parking attendants don't allow me into the lot I need to be and instead direct me into the lot were their are assigned spaces. I wasn't the only one. People were royal upset. Fred shows up and is talking to the upset people (drinking a beer I might add), throws his hands up and walks off. After the game we were forced to exit through Dunn Meadow, took three hours to get to SR37. 2.Indiana Purdue Football this year. 1/4 of the stadium has goose crap all over the Bleachers. They also forgot to set up tables and chairs in the Alumni Lounge, didn't restock concessions in there either...so no food. 3. Is there some new rule about Cheerleaders not being allowed to sit within 20 feet of the Court or is that just Fred getting them out of the way to sell more "floor" tickets? Put the Cheerleaders back on the floor Fred. 4. The performance of the Football and Basketball programs..the 2 biggies. In Fred's 11-12 years 4 NCAA tourney appearances. FOUR. I'm sure Fred is a nice guy, he is a HORRIBLE AD and if he had even an ounce of dignity he would look at his results and resign.
  7. finky

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Yeah, I think the NCAA is fighting for its life here. I will go a step further and say Louisville will get a death penalty and the other schools involved will get hammered as well. The fact everybody knew this was going on and the regulatory body didn't catch it, or for monetary reasons, kept not finding is isn't good. Since public funds go to these schools, lawmakers have their eye on this. I'm not convinced the NCAA survives this. Self regulation never works(this, stock market, banks), I think the end result is a new Federally Governed regulation arm and the NCAA is laid to rest. I'm not sure this is the right answer, but, no way that lawmakers don't coral a Multi Billion dollar Industry under their "authority".
  8. College kids are going to be College kids......who cares...........(fart noises) Purdue
  9. I guess I just need to ***** about how bad we are more often, they seem to play really well when I do. Go Hoosiers!
  10. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    I get it by sending a freedom of information request to https://treasurer.iu.edu. I tend not to trust USA Today and the Indy Star who use the non audited bullet point memo put together for "Press purposes".
  11. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    They usually show about a $2M profit. They adjust expenses according to revenue... They could get away with probably 90-95 Million if they wanted to. I don't see any issues with how the finances are run, my point is and has always been. Anybody that says hands are tied or they aren't being given what they need, that is just not the case at all. My understanding is that many of the non money making sports get access to rented planes for recruiting trips at times. Which is fine and dandy because IU (Big Ten ) has the money...if for some odd reason we had to make major cuts, we have many major cuts that we could make and still operate like most other major college programs.
  12. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    Rabjohns..........IU Athletics doesn't have any issues at all with money...PERIOD. $145M in Revenue...nobody has their hands tied. I doubt McRobbie even knows it's Basketball season, guy is weird and an academic. Rabjohns is "Fake news" sticking up for Glass who toss's him a news nugget every once in a while. Fred has everything he needs financially.
  13. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    I think we all need to just re-set our expectations. From this point forward, if we lose by less than 10 points at home....we will call that a win and hang a banner. :)
  14. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    I would think both Glass and Archie would be gone if it happens (no way Fred fires Archie). I don't think the turnover would be an issue with an AD change as well.
  15. finky

    Fire Fred Glass

    No....I'm saying that if the Trustees decide Glass is done, he is done. Glass is responsible for the Athletic Department.. Changes here won't come from McRobbie. I'm actually going to respectfully disagree with a few posts about The school doesn't care about W/L they just want it to make money. IU does not have a problem AT ALL with athletic finances..about $140 Million in annual Revenues. IU has built world class facilities for all their student Athletes thanks to very generous Alumni, again, Money is not a problem nor will it be a problem. If Glass directive is to stay in the black, why fire Crean? IU was making money (again..lot's of it) he was running a clean AF program...it was about W/L period. Glass is in over his head, Glass is certainly capable of running the finances, he just can't pick a winner nor is he capable of gauging the effectiveness of his Coaches programs, he relies 100% of input from those around him. Glass's record speaks for itself. I think we will find Fred's days are coming to an end. The Boosters basically forced out Crean and this season is about 2000x worse then Creans last year. I think most fans have already checked out and it's the middle of February. Anybody ever seen that with IU hoops? My .02 (My prediction is that Archie does not survive this season and it will be his last)