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  1. We have beat him 3 straight times and he doesn't own the state in recruiting like he used too
  2. I've been hard on Green and Smith over the years. Green is pressing a little to get out of his shooting slump. But he is being a great teammate on the sideline when he's not in the game. Smith is being a leader. He is helping the younger guys and he is not acknowledging his mistakes on the court. Instead of arguing with coaches saying it's not his fault, he's now saying yes that was my mistake. Bruiser earned his money with his talk to the players at the under 8 timeout.
  3. I slowed down the replay and it looked like he rolled it but not that bad. Can we all get off the Al Durham can't play in big games train. He proved it last night. We have some really good mojo going right now. Kids are locked in and are connected.
  4. FanDual. The line last I checked was +54.5 for IU. $50 is the max bet. We both will get a $100 credit if you use this. Have to be in Indiana https://myaccount.fanduel.com/newRegistration.shtml?rfr=raf_Chris_7D10B284-624A-4215-B41F-38667928A2C0
  5. Has anyone seen this? It's up to IU +23.5 and about to go up another point.
  6. I tried to stay away from here today but putting the Rutgers game in the same category as Maryland & Wisconsin is crazy IMO. The only thing all three had in common was we lost. Give me the Rutgers effort, add a few more made 3's and we will win tomorrow night.
  7. Yes I had a count of 6 for his career.
  8. Right, so I think what USPS is saying what will it take for you to stop watching, stop coming on here, stop everything with IU basketball?
  9. It's a pretty simple game, the effort was there to win, defense without a doubt was there to win, shooting was not. I'm for one who has never thought Anderson was this level of a player. A few too many turnovers. I think they got some calls, I would have gotten a T sooner myself but there is a reason why Rutgers hasn't lost at home this season. They looked like an NCAA team to me.
  10. I believe the 27 average for the starting unit was a high this season.
  11. Less. :-) I'm not sure I just remember reading that 27 minutes for the starters that game was the most this season.
  12. Yes the main starters played 27 minutes so they got most of the minutes.
  13. Chris007

    (2021) PF Caleb Furst

    I think were more in the picture with Furst. Goode has an offer from Louisville I know that. I haven't seen him play but he just seems like an Indiana shooter which we haven't had in a few years
  14. Chris007

    (2021) PF Caleb Furst

    I was told last year that Furst to Purdue was pretty much a done deal. I would love to see IU get Goode.
  15. Chris007

    If IU loses to Rutgers...

    It's to be expected. They haven't lost at home this season, their practically a top 25 team and their a 3.5 favorite so the numbers are in their favor.