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  1. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I have no idea who they are. I shared all that I know right now
  2. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    The same. I coach his junior high team but some days it seems like I'm the third assistant with him and my wife telling me what needs to happen.
  3. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    No bad grammar on my part. If he doesn't get the job
  4. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    My 8th grader thinks he makes coaching decisions.
  5. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Don't know how many finalist there are and yes I will tell you if they don't get it.
  6. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I said he knows Bloomington. I can testify he knows where Nick's is.
  7. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I'm not sure but hopefully soon.
  8. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I'm pretty sure everyone will love one of the finalists for the job. He checks a lot of the boxes like previous assistant coaching experience, recruiting experience, knows Bloomington. My one question is will he and his family put in the time to be great in coaching as he did as a player.
  9. Chris007

    2019 July Evaluation Period

    Of course, we will have to beat out Crean & Georgia who some say lead for him.
  10. Chris007

    Knight In Declining Health

    Also if I'm not mistaken the Autumn Hills Alzheimer treatment center is across the street.
  11. Chris007

    No news

    1 Galloway 2 Cross 3 Leal
  12. Chris007

    No news

    I'm guessing we get a 1-3 commits late August or early September.
  13. Chris007

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    When does practice start?
  14. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Any 4-star dads? HMM
  15. Chris007

    Ed Schilling leaving

    She finished her career at UINDY. He was an assistant at BNL last year when his son was a junior, I'm guessing he will be on the bench again this year for Brayton's senior year.