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  1. 2nd best. Behind Mantle. https://t.co/aeTRSEOzR2

  2. RT @PastorDScott: Libya is a North African Country...

  3. @TScorza5 Feminist are fuming reading your tweet.

  4. ????⬇️ https://t.co/J6n7ukPO3r

  5. They are embarrassing themselves. https://t.co/VmJvV29DZF

  6. @jreidbfns UCF....

  7. Welcome to Florida. https://t.co/k1Tn6G9gVJ

  8. RT @BarstoolBigCat: My Quarterback https://t.co/Bp5HP5qF9J

  9. RT @NFLfantasy: Ho-Ho-Howard! Touchdown Bears! #CLEvsCHI https://t.co/PahDw5cZst

  10. @TScorza5 @JarrettSegers https://t.co/GuPu79agmu

  11. “They don’t know how to win, I will teach them”. — DJT

  12. @TScorza5 It’s called the 2nd amendment. Stay locked and loaded and you’ll be alright.

  13. @eggzachlee @CenturyLink Hahaha man I have media com and it isn’t much better either lol. This would effect bigger… https://t.co/rkxh6KzL6n

  14. @hannzmoe Yes indeedy.

  15. Students would stress less if they took more classes online. Believe me folks! https://t.co/ptzYQp1LOj