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  1. RT @dandakich: Best think I’ve read in a long long time https://t.co/lcpCS7OXJb

  2. RT @CalebJHull: I was going to say something snarky, but this is so dumb it speaks for itself https://t.co/UMYj57P1LX

  3. Just the kind of haircut and color I was expecting for a person making this comment https://t.co/WZu6VCRs7i

  4. @TScorza5 get a load of this freaking idiot. Trump took bombs away so now they have the right to bomb Israel ???? https://t.co/6RX6t3HmkC

  5. @susboyfresh I love dakich. What did you do?

  6. RT @PeteGKelly: @BeschlossDC Three Fingers Brown to finish the term @BakerMakers

  7. RT @stoolpresidente: Let’s breakdown the worst call in the history of sports https://t.co/ioO7v6oUDr

  8. RT @BillOReilly: Unlike @ShaniaTwain who quickly renounced her pro-Trump statement after being criticized, Mr. @KanyeWest is hanging tough…

  9. RT @kanyewest: 2024

  10. Wrong. It’s what the psychopaths with guns do to kids. https://t.co/8YAqGoYFZf

  11. @HartzogTrapsYou Congrats on the new gig brother!

  12. @TScorza5 https://t.co/YafDSA6ami

  13. RT @brent_honeywell: I freaking heart baseball I really really do. Teammates, tough slides, brawls what the people want to see. Not a time…

  14. @JarrettSegers #RollTide https://t.co/PgLn6lXXAy

  15. RT @dandakich: BET founder: Trump's economy is bringing black workers back into the labor force https://t.co/JbZ3WCK0H3