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  1. I put $20 on UT money line in the 4th quarter at +620. I’m pissed we lost, but I’ve been an IU fan long enough to see a collapse coming. At least I can replenish the bourbon I’m about to consume trying to blot this night from my memory.
  2. Jasonb

    IU vs Notre Dame 12/21 Noon ESPN

    I like the classic, or at least enjoy the rotating games with ND and Butler. It shouldn’t expand to more teams, but I would like to see IU play 4+ in State schools every year. Set up multi year deals on a rotating basis with Ball State, Evansville, Indiana State, IUPUI, etc. Each school gets one home game and 2-3 at IU. Instant upgrade to our early season schedule both in terms of fan interest and SOS but still leaves room for tune up games and marquee match ups.
  3. Disappointed in how this season went but I’m cautiously optimistic about next year. This is a team that was about 5 key plays away from the NCAA tourney despite injuries, locker room problems/suspensions and a general lack of shooters. We went 8-7 in games where the margin was less than 7 points. Things I’ll be looking for next year: Archie- Slow starts must end and the bench must have viable contributors. Both were deciding factors in our losses. How does our incoming class fill out? Al- Needs a consistent jumper. I’d also like to see him gain a few pounds to be a stronger finisher at the rim. Devonte - made strides in his maturity and decision making. Keep at it. Rob- Excited to see his freshman jump. Deron - Let’s see what he does with a rehab free off season. Justin - Probably gone. Looked completely checked out in his post game. If he comes back the game must slow down for him. Romeo - Can’t quantify, but just think he’s more valuable to IU as a former player.
  4. Expecting this first round game to be like a Christmas break guarantee game. Not sure if this has been cited- St. Francis PA is #261 in the kenpom rankings - lower than Montana St., Jacksonville, and UC Davis. Hopefully the atmosphere in the Hall is good and this game is broken open by early 2nd half. Would be nice to get our younger guys a lot of run in a postseason game. I appreciate the sacrifices from our bench seniors like McRoberts and Fitzner, but they should only see curtain call minutes in this game.