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  1. IUrocker

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Someone on the other site just posted that he was told Brooks called the staff on the way back to Indiana letting them know he was going to Kentucky, official announcement in a week....but it was the person’s very first post...never seen before..lol
  2. IUrocker

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Now I know, I know, this is really thinking deep and just trying to make the situation positive and could for sure be way off...but...what if he cancelled the MSU visit after visiting Kentucky to throw the smoke of making people think he must have liked what he saw at Kentucky and will choose them, when really he still plans on coming to IU and he’s just making people assume and think he’s going to Kentucky. Then surprise, I’m coming to IU because I know they need me and my buddy TJ and I along with everyone else new on the roster NOT causing problems can get this back on track. Maybe I’m still asleep and typing this as I dream, ha.
  3. IUrocker

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    In my opinion I just think players have mailed it in. They don’t give a damn because they may be aware of changes that are happening with behind the scenes stuff...I can definitely see this being a matter of Archie is still recruiting players for next year as replacements, and guys know it. (of course it’s not my place to name names and speculate). This team’s effort, attitude, heart, you name it is ridiculous.
  4. IUrocker

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Obviously these made 3’s by Minnesota are ridiculous, but this IU team is softer than Charmin...I guarantee it drives Archie nuts to not have guys get mean and play with freakin passion and the refuse to lose attitude. Everything looks so half-a**. It’s frustrating to see us play all these teams who have no name recruits play with fire and beat us up. In my opinion, changes are probably gonna be made, and players know it, so in the back of their minds maybe the rest of this season is just Meh to them.
  5. IUrocker

    College Bball Thread

    It took Carsen Edwards 27 (!!) shots to get 24 points. Just doesn’t look as impressive to be averaging what he does knowing he is shooting it that many times to try to get there. In comparison, Langford shot the ball the most in our last game with 13 shots.
  6. IUrocker

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Thing is, if it was just a player trying to hold some guys with issues accountable, are those guys gonna react positively and take it as motivation and the kick in the rear they needed, or are they gonna take it negatively and cry about it, being the softies a lot of people think they are, and react in a bad way because they didn’t enjoy being called out and getting their widdle feewings hurt. Depending which way that goes could drastically change the effort level we see the remainder of the season (not that the effort level was up there in the acceptable range to begin with)....unless it ends up being something Archie rids of right away and says enough is enough.
  7. IUrocker

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    Need a couple snipers on next year’s team. I don’t care if they don’t have 5 stars next to their name. The ones who don’t are usually the ones who play with heart and have something to prove anyways. Jordan Bohannon was ranked as the #312 player in the country coming out of high school and look what he did to IU tonight. Dude can shoot. It’s crazy how it always ends up being those guys who end up lighting it up against us.
  8. IUrocker

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    Unleash the Franimal
  9. IUrocker

    (2019) C Tre Mitchell

    I had always said I trust Archie....and then Evan Fitzner happened....but i'm still gonna go ahead and trust Archie, haha.
  10. IUrocker

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    We probably end up miraculously playing well, but refs won’t make Izzo lose on College Gameday.....part of me is joking, but then again...
  11. IUrocker

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Yep, in my opinion, your last paragraph states how I think it should be, and WILL be. I can see some changes happening next year with the roster and it’ll turn into most of the roster being Archie’s players. The remaining players who will happen to still be here who believe in what he’s doing, coupled with the incoming players we have coming in will be able to get the culture shift started. I’m sure whatever internal issues may be going on, Archie will be the guy who says enough is enough and rid of anyone who may be a problem to the chemistry of the team...or who knows, there could be some guys who willingly want to be gone and not have to play for Archie and his style anymore. Also, I like your point about the possibility of Archie’s players assimilating to Crean’s players’ personalities. If this team was already built of all Archie players, I think we would see more toughness from this year’s freshman because it’s what they would have walked into and had to be. I can see it being that way than the other, because it’s a lot more likely that Crean’s players don’t want to have to take on the toughness Archie wants out of them. They signed up to come to IU with Crean to not have to be that way at all.
  12. IUrocker

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Saw an article that said “Archie’s teams at Dayton would have eaten this team for lunch, and then come back for another meal two hours later....Archie built a team and turned them into something mean. Something ferocious. The Hoosiers have a better roster than Dayton ever had but they’re not mean. They’re not ferocious.” I think this is spot on. I think Archie is trying to turn this roster he inherited into the mean ferocious basketball players he wants, and they aren’t responding. Most of them don’t want to have to do it. They aren’t playing with any fight at all and that’s not on Archie at all. Them being soft and scared is the LAST thing Archie would want in a basketball team. Only the players themselves can dictate their own effort and toughness on the floor, and unfortunately for Archie, I think they have given up and don’t want to buy what Archie is selling anymore. I completely understand the injury issues and lack of players, but that doesn’t excuse the poor effort and lack of toughness displayed by the players who ARE on the court. Also, I do realize that there are some of Archie’s guys on this team that don’t really exude the mean, ferociousness either.. It’s not my place to speculate, but I can see next years roster looking way different. I think at this point I’m wondering what type of news as gonna break about different things at seasons end that make you go “Ah, so that’s what was going on.”..and shed some light onto having an idea of what next year is actually going to look like. As far as this year, I’ll continue to root them on and hope for the best.
  13. IUrocker

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    That is very true, and I agree with that. Makes me wonder if there’s some type of internal issue going on that won’t actually be revealed until the season is over. If something is going on that is on the players minds, makes you wonder if they will ever be able to get it turned around, or care to for that matter...who knows.
  14. IUrocker

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    Hard to say the future looks gloomy when Archie doesn’t even have a full roster of players who he actually handpicked himself to come play for him and fit his system. A few years from now we won’t have any players on the sidelines with Diet Coke stains on their jerseys, and if at that point we look like we do now then it’d be safe to say it’s on Archie. Right now he’s playing the hand he was dealt and doing what he can. I don’t care how good a coach his, if you have players on the team who are soft and don’t give a crap about showing any type of pitbull fierceness and grit, that’s just who they are and they’re gonna be that way. Archie wouldn’t have recruited the players Crean got on this team. We need shooters, we need players who have attitude, heart, passion, grit, fight, you name it...Archie is trying to get it out of them and they just are acting like they don’t want to have to do it.
  15. IUrocker

    College Bball Thread

    I won’t disagree with that at all, it’s just pathetic and drives me nuts for them to go out of their way to point us out when we had nothing to do with the game they just played. Annoying. But what can you do I guess....we’ll have our time. Can’t wait to flip the script.