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  1. HoosierFan1994

    (2020) PF Matt Cross

    Would be huge to wrap 2020 up before the season starts. Not saying you stop recruiting the class in situations, but having 3-4 commits would be nice. You could start focusing on 2021.
  2. HoosierFan1994

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    Some In-state kids committing this week. Kiyron Powell is today and Anthony Leal Friday.
  3. HoosierFan1994

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    Hope everyone has had a great summer. Really happy about the Galloway commit! 1) 19-11 (11-9) In the Big Ten, one win in the BTT and lose in the 1st Rd of the NCAA Tournament. They will be much better but I'm not going to set the ceiling high yet. 2) Rob Phinisee, Devonte Green, Al Durham, Justin Smith, Trayce Jackson-Davis 3) Rob- 10 ppg Devonte- 14 ppg Al- 9 ppg Justin-9 ppg Trayce- 12 ppg 4) Damezi Anderson will be the 6th man of the year in the Big Ten. Think he will be much better. Like Hartman's freshman to sophomore year. 5) Devonte Green will be 1st team All-Big Ten. After a rough three years I think he will have a very good season and be in posotion to be a 2nd rd NBA Draft pick.
  4. HoosierFan1994

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander

    I think so too. IF Archie misses the tournament again the only way I see him keeping his job is if Lander or Kaufman committed. BIG BIG year.
  5. HoosierFan1994

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander

    100% agree. I said this at the start of the offseason. I can't see Lander and Kaufman and others coming to IU after four straight years of missing the tournament. If they miss the tournament this year, it just tells you the roster isn't working.
  6. HoosierFan1994

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander

    I think Murray offered Kiyron Powell. Khristian just Rt'd it.
  7. HoosierFan1994

    No news

    Jeremiah April was Shaq 2.0
  8. HoosierFan1994

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    Deservedly so! Really surprised that some of the in-state players stock fell a bit.
  9. HoosierFan1994

    No news

    That's about normal right? Didn't Phinisee commit in late August and Armaan in early September?
  10. HoosierFan1994

    No news

    Or great news in general. After the TJD committ and the Butler game it all went downhill from there. Brunk and Romeo getting drafted were the only positives. It has been rough!!!
  11. HoosierFan1994

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    I think Zion will be Blake Griffin 2.0. He will be an All-Star/All-NBA but not a Lebron/Durant like talent that ESPN thinks he will be. He is for sure on the down slope of his career. LeBron is still very good and is a top 5 player but he is not capable of carrying a team like he did most of his career. His original last two seasons in Cleveland (09 and 10) was incredible. On another note, I think the balance in the NBA is a good thing and it will help ratings. I don't think the Warriors run the last few seasons was good for the NBA. Why read a book or watch a movie when you know the ending? I am actually excited for the NBA playoffs next year, especially in the west. A lot of really good teams! I think people are sleeping on Boston, Utah, and Indiana.
  12. HoosierFan1994

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I am not enamored either. No way Kenny Johnson is being looked at. Jason Delaney could be a good fit for his in-state connections but that is what they said about Schilling too. Hard time of the year to find an assistant.
  13. HoosierFan1994

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Went over to one of the Lakers forum sites..good lord if you think we are bad at BTown Banners you should see their page!!! They analyze anything when it comes to Kawhi. I thought our Romeo thread was insane but this is another level.
  14. HoosierFan1994

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Someone said it was cool for Archie to be in the green room and Dakich responded "he turned the #5 pick into #14". I think Jeff Rabjohns is pretty credible and he said no GM"s had Romeo in the top 5 before the season even started.
  15. HoosierFan1994

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    I'll put it this way: I had mostly positive things to say about him until that tweet last night. The only other tweet I didn't like was him whining about IU fans saying "we" when talking about the team...those fans who say "we" tune in to watch the IU basketball games that he so happens to call. That equals ratings. I didn't like him trashing the Assembly Call guys. They are awesome and fans just like us. However, I hit the unfollow button last night. Lost a lot of respect for him. I hope Archie never goes on his show anymore. Kudos to TJD for calling him out.