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  1. rebelcc

    Injury Updates

    Looks like Juwan might be shown in this picture from the MBB twitter account. Running next to Justin Smith...hard to see anything but the individual has a wrap around their right leg but does seem to be working out with the team. If that is the case it would have to be a good sign.
  2. rebelcc

    IUBB @ Duke- 11/27 @ 9:30

    Not that it matters, but I thought it looked like he missed one...still nice to see him shooting in the shoot a round.
  3. Small discussion re: IU and Bouknight on ESPNU during the game. Apparently staff going hard after Bouknight. Discussion led into Archie's ability to land Romeo.
  4. rebelcc

    Summer of 2018

    Honestly, who cares if they sprinted, jogged, crawled...or whatever. These kids have a vertical over 40". Incredible leaps for any player...especially the sophomores and freshmen.
  5. rebelcc

    Summer of 2018

    Hasn't this already been discussed. Max vertical is a running vertical or am I wrong here. I don't know...maybe the combine only allows so many steps in the max vertical.
  6. rebelcc

    (2019 PG - Tyrell Terry - Stanford

    Four-star guard Tyrell Terry: “I am headed to Stanford University.” | Story: 247sports.com/college/basket… Evan Daniels
  7. rebelcc

    2018-19 Basketball Schedule

    Indiana will host Marquette in the 2018 Gavitt Games, per a source. #iubb #mubb
  8. rebelcc

    2018-2019 Rotation Discussion Thread

    Or the McKinley Wrights of the world
  9. Yeah I definitely wasn't implying anything about their job security. Glass laid out what he wants to see in our program and his man delivered a huge part of that in 1 year...I'm sure he is ecstatic.
  10. Are you saying that they didn't care if he committed or not?
  11. Who is happier with the Langford Commitment?....Glass or Miller
  12. rebelcc

    Evan Fitzner to IU

    Link to full game against Washington in this year's NIT. Fitzner scored 20 and had 6 boards in 30 minutes. Looks pretty solid.
  13. Don't know for sure, but aren't there rules that prevent him from being there.
  14. rebelcc

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Indiana has offered four-star junior Kira Lewis @JWellsTH - Corey Evans