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  1. rebelcc

    College Bball Thread

    Probably be a better idea to add Maryland and Rutgers as Nebraska is already listed.
  2. I’m slow at getting my phone out but the carts were out in full force today. Archie in the back with a recruit.
  3. I find it interesting how a random poster goes to all of these AAU events and hears all this info about how IU could have done better with their hire but yet every known media outlet gave IU an A for their hire. Whether this hire works out or not is up in the air. A couple of iffy seasons brings out all the naysayers with the “see, told ya.” I credit IU with going after Miller because, by most accounts, this was a big time hire. If this works out then...jackpot!! If not, then back to the drawing board unfortunately. I can agree, this season was a big disappointment. Why? It could be a number of things and probably a lot of things we don’t know and will never know. That’s for the team to know and figure out. For now, I trust they can figure this out. If not, then I’m also hopeful IU will do what is necessary to get us on the right track. FWIW, I wanted Bennett but if we would have hired him...it would have been “he can’t win in the tourney and can’t recruit...he sucks!” Now he is in the final 4. We can probably do this with plenty of other coaches. Some of you must literally spend your entire life complaining about everything. You should try and find some other hobbies to enjoy. Might bring some happiness to your life other than whining about something you can’t control.
  4. rebelcc

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Desmond Bane = 6’5 not ranked; only high major offer was TCU. Other offers included Ball State. I know not all recruits are created equal but this fan base is so reliant on rankings. Miller needs to worry about putting some life in this program and getting players he believes will fight for IU. I enjoyed having Romeo but that kind of recruit did nothing for us this year. Get old, stay old and then maybe have some instant difference makers.
  5. I'm sure our fan base has its share of morons but I believe this individual is a UofL fan.
  6. All good by me, just giving you a hard time.
  7. Then it's probably also time we stop posting statistics on Matthew Hurt.
  8. Isn't he from the Michigan area. Probably cheaper for his family to get home to Michigan and then to IU but who knows. As I typed that I just realized Montverde is in Florida so like I said, who knows.
  9. rebelcc

    Injury Updates

    Looks like Juwan might be shown in this picture from the MBB twitter account. Running next to Justin Smith...hard to see anything but the individual has a wrap around their right leg but does seem to be working out with the team. If that is the case it would have to be a good sign.
  10. rebelcc

    IUBB @ Duke- 11/27 @ 9:30

    Not that it matters, but I thought it looked like he missed one...still nice to see him shooting in the shoot a round.
  11. Small discussion re: IU and Bouknight on ESPNU during the game. Apparently staff going hard after Bouknight. Discussion led into Archie's ability to land Romeo.
  12. rebelcc

    Summer of 2018

    Honestly, who cares if they sprinted, jogged, crawled...or whatever. These kids have a vertical over 40". Incredible leaps for any player...especially the sophomores and freshmen.
  13. rebelcc

    Summer of 2018

    Hasn't this already been discussed. Max vertical is a running vertical or am I wrong here. I don't know...maybe the combine only allows so many steps in the max vertical.
  14. rebelcc

    (2019 PG - Tyrell Terry - Stanford

    Four-star guard Tyrell Terry: “I am headed to Stanford University.” | Story: 247sports.com/college/basket… Evan Daniels