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  1. Just have to shake my head in disbelief. I truly believed Archie was a great hire based on his inside/out recruiting and touting defense and toughness. Soooo, why aren't we seeing things beyond getting Indiana guys to commit? Obviously it's lack of player development. I hope whoever ends up being the new AD gets an earful and we end up getting a coach who can actually do the job and not make empty promises.
  2. Knight - It was time to go. Past his prime and just an assbag. Not a great exit strategy by the admin obviously. Davis - Out of his league. But the ride to the championship in 02 where we beat Sampson's OU team was amazing. Nothing after obviously. Sampson - Cheated his way on a much smaller scale than the scandals of today but IU got the hammer and probably fired him too quickly. A lot of promise with him, his recruiting, and how the team played. Not a hire I was expecting or a fan of at first, given his phone call issue at OU but his coaching proved to be the best we'd seen in a long time. Crean - Inherited a complete dumpster fire. Felt bad for him the first 2 years. We got teased into thinking we were better than we were in the good years, only to be left disappointed and in the years I expected nothing, it either transpired or a miraculous Big Ten championship occurred. Not a great coach. Miller - I can see some Sampson coaching prowess in him but just not to his caliber. I hope he's able to turn it around but I'll believe it when I see it. Moral of the story, the sky fell a loooooooong time ago. Most of us are just holding onto false hopes of returning to blue chip status because we've been teased by it with the last 3 coaches, only to be left disappointed. Still a fan but I'll get off the ledge and just accept mediocrity from here until I'm proven wrong.
  3. Bgaines99

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    Yay for moral victories and losing a Bo Ryan Wisky type of game by 2 at home to your rival. For the love of all, it's come to moral victories with this team and just thankful when they play hard. Meh.
  4. Bgaines99

    Tech help

    Ha. I did. But I could barely see the little camera icon to click on it just the right way on my phone.
  5. Bgaines99

    Tech help

    So in light of the dumpster fire of year 2 with Archie, anyone know how to change the profile pic on the iPhone app? I went into Settings and can’t seem to find a way. I gotta get Archie off my profile. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  6. Bgaines99

    Inclined to Give Archie a Break

    I agree with your roster assessment however, Archie hasn’t shown the willingness or knowledge to play to his teams strength which to me is as much as I hated it, Crean’s run & gun no defense philosophy. This is a different team when allowed to push tempo and attack Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  7. Bgaines99

    Game Thread: Purdouche Edition

    This season is in a tailspin. I didn’t see this collapse coming from the team we saw in November and December. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  8. And to top it all off Kansas is now part of the Adidas collusion. Cautiously optimistic even if the "experts" are saying 98% IU.
  9. I'm a little bored at work today and this thread is such good entertainment. IU will be fine in Archie's hands. Give it time (3-4 years). That's all.
  10. It's also worth mentioning we weren't even in consideration for Romeo before Archie was hired, which is baffling, given he's an Indiana kid. Yeah yeah, in Pitino's backyard before he was fired, but still. If we get him, it makes a good recruiting class great. If we don't, we'll be fine. Let him be one and done at Kansas or Vandy.
  11. Bgaines99

    Knight on Archie

    This! I can't agree more. I looked forward to watching every game as a kid with Bobby on the sidelines but his childish attitude has always been one of his biggest detriments.
  12. IU 72 Scarlet Johannson 66
  13. IU 70 Golden Scarlet Knight Gophers 62
  14. Huskers 67 Hoosiers 59
  15. Scarlet Knights 68 IU 62