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  1. Iufan71

    Keion Brooks Jr - Decision Date (3/15)

    He chose Uk
  2. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Who did we take a commit over Henry....i know Henry was offered
  3. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Should have went harder after Taylor....Fitzner has been a bust
  4. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Here comes Damezi...bombs away!!!!
  5. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Smith can jump when no one is around him..but thats it!
  6. Iufan71

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    Green needs velcro gloves!
  7. Just been reading up on his freshman season at Detroit where his dad is coach so far. Sounds like a good shooter and could possibly get near Currys' reacord for 3s in a season.
  8. Iufan71

    Devonte Green Suspension

    I tend to think Green is already planning to transfer and has played his last game at IU.
  9. Iufan71

    Kentucky members

    Who doesnt like a good beer?
  10. Iufan71

    Kentucky members

    Im in Danville ,Ky...love to find others to watch the game with here in Central Ky....I assume there are several IU fans in Lexington and the surrounding areas.
  11. Iufan71


    I've been thinking the same for awhile....look at who might leave and the subpar class coming in.