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  1. Iugradman

    IUBASE at Maryland - March 29-31, 2019

    The operative phrase being “so far.” They did get off to a 7-8 start so my criticism wasn’t unfounded.
  2. Iugradman

    2018-2019 Governor's Cup

    I am sure Purdue fans are just devastated while they possess the Oaken Bucket and celebrate a conference championship in men’s basketball.
  3. Zero excuse not to be #1 in both facilities and budget/resources. After all, IU is a blueblood.
  4. Archie likes Quinones and wanted him on the team. Are you saying Archie is wrong? Indiana’s culture over the last decade is losing a lot of games. It needs to win NOW. A fourth straight missed NCAA tournament is beyond unacceptable.
  5. And it is telling that a kid with that mindset didn’t even have IU among his top schools.
  6. Iugradman

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    Or Archie could have backed off because Morton was showing interest elsewhere. And it isn’t just Morton I was referring to with respect to whiffing on out of state recruits.
  7. Iugradman

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    This makes zero sense. Whiffing on several out of state recruits is a serious problem.
  8. Iugradman

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    Time to face reality- IU’s gross mismanagement of its men’s basketball program has allowed Purdue to take the reigns in the state. What McRobbie, Glass, Brand, and Crean have done is criminal and unforgivable.
  9. What the hell are you talking about? When have I ever done this? Sorry if the truth upsets you. I want to win, at least occasionally, and IU is not anywhere close to doing that. Landing a top 50 prospect would go a long ways toward bringing the program back to a respectable level. The current roster is not set to compete at a high level in the Big Ten.
  10. It’s not OK if IU loses Quinones to Memphis. If Archie were content with the roster, he wouldn't still be recruiting to upgrade it. Not being able to get any out of state players since 2017 is concerning.
  11. You need to check out the facilities at schools like UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Oregon, and Texas A&M. IU didn’t even have a players lounge until last fall.
  12. It is the coaches’ job to make these kids want to be at IU. This program isn’t some hypnotizing force that by just existing makes potential players fall in love with it. There are a lot of good programs out there with better facilities and a much more recent track record of success.
  13. It doesn’t look like that at all. IU isn’t the favorite right now.
  14. Iugradman

    Beer, wine at football games

    That is a lot of word salad to announce selling adult beverages at home football games. IU’s administration makes it so damn hard to make even incremental changes. Why do you need an outside consultant and a freakin task force to oversee this?