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  1. Iugradman

    How bad will next season be?

    Firing Archie won’t solve anything if the idiots in charge get to choose a new coach. He’s getting four years minimum anyways.
  2. Iugradman

    How bad will next season be?

    We’re not asking for a national title. How about not giving up a 22-0 run to effing Rutgers? Is that too much to ask?
  3. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    IU needs to hire someone with no ties to the university who can objectively assess the problems here. Their hands will always be tied somewhat by McRobbie and the BOT but there is still room to make an impact and fix things.
  4. Iugradman

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Brooks not coming here is the canary in the coal mine. IU basketball is looking at a long and dark winter. This rut could turn into a five or six year tournament absence.
  5. Iugradman

    How bad will next season be?

    It is going to be an absolutely toxic environment- coming off a three year tournament absence and an inferior roster is going to have fans at their wit’s end, except for the homers on Peegs who never want to fire anyone.
  6. Iugradman

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    There are no other good recruits left at this stage other than Brooks and Beverley, and the latter is not likely coming to IU. It is those two or bust.
  7. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    It shows IU has basic standards. No other blueblood would tolerate this ****. Kentucky fans would have burnt down Lexington if they lost 10 out of 11.
  8. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Today is another data point supporting Fred’s dismissal. A decade on the job and IU basketball has never been worse. Hopefully all of this losing will light a fire under the administration’s @$$ but I doubt it. This is terrible PR for the university.
  9. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    This is all true. I strongly disagree with this approach but what really angers me is that IU LIES to the fans by paying lip service to winning while doing little behind the scenes to ensure that actually happens. The nickel and diming of and administrative hurdles imposed on both revenue sports is mind boggling. If winning is not your main priority, then communicate that to the fans. But then the con would be up- people are not going to donate or attend games if they know the truth about the university’s priorities. So IU lies to keep the money flowing in. Inexcusable.
  10. Iugradman

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Next year is going to be even uglier with no Brooks.
  11. Iugradman

    Indiana Basketball and Culture

    How many good players are left to recruit? Brooks obviously, but after that the pickings are slim. We don’t need more freshman projects and IU ridiculously makes it hard to admit grad transfers.
  12. Iugradman

    IUWBB at Michigan - 2/14

    So another WNIT appearance it seems. Never been a big fan of Moren.
  13. Why would he get any better under another year of Archie?
  14. Iugradman

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Brooks won’t make any more of an impact than Romeo has had and won’t address the fundamental problems with how this program is run.
  15. Iugradman

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Coming to IU will not be good for his development. On the bright side, missing on Brooks will hasten the demise of Glass and hopefully bring about the needed cultural changes to build this program back to where it was.