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  1. Iugradman

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    Texas A&M has a new head coach with successful stints at Marquette and Virginia Tech.
  2. Iugradman

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    It is not a stretch to say the game at Maryland is the biggest in Allen’s tenure at IU. A loss leaves very little margin for error to make a bowl and will cause fans to roll their eyes and say “same old IU.” He has to start winning some 50/50 and even 40/60 games to have any success.
  3. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Yeah, let’s mock the facilities of the best college football program in the country that has won two of the last three championships. IU should go the bare minimum approach because that has worked so well. If IU wants to win at a high level maybe it should emulate the top programs. Just a thought. As for Illinois, I applaud the effort they have put into winning. They have made a clear financial commitment to the program, something IU still doesn’t do at an acceptable level. How many serious programs would hire Kane Wommack as defensive coordinator? He came cheap. That’s why he got the job. Clemson’s DC makes more than Tom Allen.
  4. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    The level of overall luxury comes to mind and the size of the players’ lounge. The film rooms are much nicer and larger. Illinois’ new facility has a bowling alley. Clemson has a slide, basketball courts, fire pit, and horseshoe set up. IU offers none of those amenities, just the bare minimum.
  5. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Football is the priority occupant at Northwestern’s new facility. And the football specific parts of the building are much nicer than what IU offers.
  6. I wrote that at halftime. It looks like the team realized they had to run the ball better and put some effort into blocking.
  7. Iugradman

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    IU beat Rutgers by an even larger margin at home in 2017 and went on to lay an egg at Purdue and miss a bowl.
  8. Iugradman

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Michigan State is terrible. They are in no way a top 25 team.
  9. Such vile and violent rhetoric. This would never be tolerated coming from me.
  10. Another special teams blunder. Fire Inge.
  11. One would be justified the vast majority of the time being negative about IU sports over the last 25 years.
  12. Great. Penix limps to the sideline.
  13. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Yeah, turns out schools like to show off their facilities and there are lots of pictures and videos online.
  14. Run blocking continues to suck. If you can’t smash mouth Buttgers, who can you do it to?
  15. A false start out of a timeout. Are you kidding me?