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  1. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Fred will go down with the ship when it comes to Archie and Allen. He can’t admit he screwed up.
  2. Iugradman

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    The offensive line is going to have to be able to block. If not, none of IU’s talented skill position players will be able to do much.
  3. Iugradman

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    Exactly. Peegs sold us a bunch of crap saying the new assistant would have significant recruiting connections and IU had a strong field of candidates from which to select and they end up with someone from a mid major. Looks like IU and Archie’s shine isn’t what we thought it was.
  4. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    IU makes it hard to admit grad transfers, the academic compliance department is adversarial, and Archie had to ask repeatedly for basic things like a lounge and decent locker room for the players. Dayton had nicer facilities than IU when Archie got here.
  5. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Yeah, I am pissed about the whole situation. So many wasted years under poor leadership. It just infuriates me how winning isn’t the top priority in athletics. Why the hell do you even play, coach, or administer sports if not to win?
  6. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Glass doesn’t want to win. He is a talker, a carnival barker, a PR fluff guy. He talked about paying Allen a competitive salary but Allen has the lowest salary in the conference. Glass talks about having a program like Iowa yet clearly has no idea what Iowa offers its players from a facility and coaching standpoint. And IU’s refusal to even have a football only facility is a huge burden on the program. All this hoopla about a locker room renovation and cramped players’ lounge while Illinois opened a $79 million, gleaming, football only facility with its own dedicated weight room. Every serious football program has its own facility it doesn’t share with other sports yet IU and Glass refuse to recognize basic reality and insist on a common weight room.
  7. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Obviously, the IU administration is awful with terrible priorities. Foot dragging on facilities upgrades, poor coaching hiring decisions, scandal after scandal, and no real pressure to win at a high level. Just because McRobbie, a fat Aussie with little regard for sports, thinks the athletics department is fine, when it is a running joke outside the IU bubble, does not make him right. Purdue and Kentucky fans love the job Glass is doing too. What does that say?
  8. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Fred Glass has been at IU for over a decade and we are still waiting for breakthroughs and respectability in football and basketball. Who else gets that long of a leash to show results? IU just needs to come out and say that they aren’t interested in winning at a high level. Nothing they do indicates a desire to. Penn State and Michigan State are not unbeatable juggernauts. And IU can’t even beat teams from the Western division of the conference, so the program’s issues go far beyond alignment. Softball had a losing record in conference play last season. Nobody cares about non-revenue sports.
  9. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    It is true that McRobbie is an a-hole with zero appreciation for sports. But he does love showing up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and asking people for money. I don’t get why people make five figure donations to get season tickets to watch programs the administration neglected for decades and still drags its feet on improving. It boggles the mind how it took until 2018 for men’s basketball to get a decent locker room and until 2019 for football to get the same.
  10. Iugradman

    Fire Fred Glass

    But the point is to WIN and IU has not done that in the two sports that matter under Glass. IU last beat Purdue in football and basketball in 2016. Zero winning seasons in football under Glass. Missed 7 of the last 11 NCAA tournaments under Glass. I really don’t understand how this guy gets such a pass and has so many defenders. McRobbie didn’t make Glass extend Wilson, fire him a few months later, and hire an unproven assistant without conducting a basic search. Glass is a lawyer with no understanding of how to evaluate coaches. He didn’t play sports and had zero experience in collegiate athletics when he took the job.
  11. Iugradman

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    Kentucky and Duke are winning 30 games a year. A single elimination tournament is a crap shoot. How close was Virginia to losing multiple times in the last tournament? And Villanova had several highly ranked recruits on its national championship teams.
  12. Iugradman

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. In basketball it is about players more than scheme. The recruits Archie is bringing are not immediate impact players. Do you want to wait until 2022-2023 to see Galloway and Leal become key players?
  13. Iugradman

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I would actually prefer last season to be erased from the record books.
  14. Iugradman

    State of the program

    No, the insiders said Kentucky had pulled ahead down the stretch. I didn’t expect Brooks to go to IU the day he announced.
  15. Iugradman

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    Nigel Pack is the best player in the state right now and he is committed to Kansas State.