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  1. That's huge. Got offered a 500k+ signing bonus. Still waiting on another recruit Reese Sharp - drafted by the Giants in the 28th round. Would bet he comes to IU.
  2. TXHoosierDaddy

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    How about the fact we only seem in on one top 50 kid? Again, not all about rankings but its just surprising.
  3. TXHoosierDaddy

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    New Rivals rankings out: https://n.rivals.com/prospect_rankings/rivals150/2020 #79 Matt Cross # 104 RJ Davis #112 Anthony Leal (down 22 spots) Galloway - NR #38 - Dawson Garcia #69 - Zach Loveday (down 15 spots) Rankings don't mean everything but this is pretty underwhelming...hope again that we can grab another grad transfer guard or pull a rabbit out of a hat somewhere.
  4. TXHoosierDaddy

    College Bball Thread

    Rich get richer. KU adds Mich recruit Jalin Wilson https://www.mlive.com/wolverines/2019/06/former-michigan-basketball-signee-jalen-wilson-chooses-kansas.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=wolverines_sf They and UK are absolutely loaded with Mich St. bringing back quite a bit of talent as well.
  5. Not sure I agree with the bulleted part just based on this year. Do I indeed think Mercer is a better developer of talent than Lemonnis, absolutely. But its hard to read into one year and give all the credit to Mercer. Most of the bats actually were worse this year than last. Gorski hit .356 last year almost 90 points better than last year. Lloyd hit for better average last year just had more power this time around. Bradley hit 50 points higher last year. Lloyd and Milto were out of eligibility so teams didn't have to worry about them going back to school. Gorski was already a high draft pick regardless. Lemonis deserves credit for this as well. in the long-term though, Mercer is definitely the guy and I am confident he will exceed what Lemo did.
  6. Looks like Salfrank and Gordon both gone as well. 6th round selections.
  7. Now that season is over who can we expect to leave early from this years roster? I would assume Matt Gorski is gone. Then maybe Gordon and Saalfrank? I know Lloyd, Milto, Fineman have exhausted eligibility so will be gone as well. Will be a number of holes to fill on offense and possible SP. I would assume Bierman slides into one of those SP slots. Main bats back are Barr, Dunham, Bradley and Richardson
  8. TXHoosierDaddy

    IU Baseball: Big Ten Tourney

    I don't know, I mean they clearly they weren't sharp. Just think this team although good is quite flawed and beatable. Lots of swing and misses on offense. Some poor baserunning/sloppy errors at times and it seems like some of our best arms are starting to show wear and tear towards the end of the season. Can only hope a nice little break re-energizes/refocuses them.
  9. TXHoosierDaddy

    IU Baseball: Big Ten Tourney

    Tough time for that to happen. After this game, there is no room for mistakes like that. Wasn't impressed with guys behind him so hope he can get things right!
  10. TXHoosierDaddy

    IU Baseball: Big Ten Tourney

    Unfortunately, he is really the only guy i trust to make great defensive plays and make consistent contact with the bat.
  11. TXHoosierDaddy

    IU Baseball: Big Ten Tourney

    LLoyd can't play OF can he? I like Richardson's bat but he seems to be a big liability out there.
  12. TXHoosierDaddy

    IUBASE Bracketology

    Thanks for laying that out. We should get the better location that Illinois unless something happens otherwise in BIG tourney. Also, have Nebraska in the mix as well although it would seem they would get a less preferential location as well.
  13. TXHoosierDaddy

    IUBASE Bracketology

    Last year they didn't care too much about geography and slotted us in Austin, TX. I would certainly welcome going to Okie St. Nebraska and Illini with more favorable draws than us in this projection but we know its merely that.
  14. TXHoosierDaddy

    IUBASE Bracketology

    D1 Baseball Final Projections before the conference tourneys. https://d1baseball.com/projections/college-baseball-projected-field-of-64-may-21/ Vanderbilt, TN 1. (2) Vandy 2. IU 3. VCU 4. Jacksonville St. Hopefully, this one doesn't come to fruition as Vandy is the #2 seed overall. Two starters and a closer with sub 2.7 ERA's and 6 batters hitting over .315 including a guy with 25 jacks!
  15. TXHoosierDaddy

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    With all the grad transfer options out there this just seems silly.