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  1. TXHoosierDaddy

    Jake Forrester transferring

    Just saw on Forrester's IG that he is transferring to Temple.
  2. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Genuinely curious but what have Bruiser Flint and Schilling done since being hired? Flint seems to be the right hand man of Archie. Have these guys pulled their weight on recruiting?
  3. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Yep we have to get a good grad transfer. Someone in the mold of a Mooney from Tech. At this juncture, we need another impact guy that can shoot and I don't see much from the remaining freshman we might have a chance with.
  4. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    I can only speculate based on offers but it really seems we put too many eggs in Brooks basket. It really feels like we are scrambling and if Harris doesnt' commit, you can't feel great about Watford or Quinnes. Have to get an impact grad transfer and then maybe pocket the second schollie or get 2 grad transfers? I don't even know which guys we are in on.
  5. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    His pinned post at the moment is him in UNC gear so I think that goes out the window.
  6. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    Ill take NHL playoffs over NBA playoffs any day. I loved the NBA in the 90's but feel like it has fallen off since I enjoyed the rivalries and they seem to be no more. The quality of coach has also disappeared. It's a new style of run and game and jacking up 3's. I loved the physicality of the 80s and 90s. Probably why I gravitate to NHL now.
  7. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Harris coming to Bloomington this coming Friday and Saturday and then will go to UNC Monday and Tuesday. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Article/Anthony-Harris-North-Carolina-Indiana-Four-star-2019-recruit-official-visits-131284817/?fbclid=IwAR2dXxi-Fp8N4Z-blyLZwsDXJ64oQtuWlKoAFa7GPdSdHg6jZLYHykSb_N
  8. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2020) PG - Caleb Love

    No mention of IU...guess we are either on the outside or have turned our attention elsewhere.
  9. TXHoosierDaddy

    Getting Rid of Cable...maybe

    Oops that would have been helpful to include :). Youtube TV. Raising price from $35-40 to $50 and trying to justify it by adding channels like Discovery.
  10. TXHoosierDaddy

    Getting Rid of Cable...maybe

    Here we go...so much for the cut cable and get the better deal for streaming without all the chords. They added 8 weak channels to bring the price up with the only decent one being HGTV. What to do now? That's a $10 increase a month and is basically where some cable packages sit with internet. Hulu is $45. Or DIRECTV Now is $50 but includes HBO for GOT...may start jumping around especially with sports heading towards a lull outside of baseball, hockey/nba playoffs.
  11. TXHoosierDaddy

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    There's a couple decent coaches out there now that are circling the drain looking for jobs - Steve Alford, Mike Anderson, Billy Kennedy, Tim Miles, Thad Matta (If he is really looking). Alford might be the best of them. Steve enjoyed the most success at New Mexico. Honestly, I think Nevada is the best out there at the moment. He's been living in the West for a while now. Cinci is another one to watch. American conference so not a lot of big time competition.
  12. TXHoosierDaddy

    (2019) SG Lester Quinones

    Good point but these are 17-18 year old kids and they don't always use the best judgement or think through what they are posting on social media. I think there are a number of scenarios that could be playing out and although this might be factual I am always a little skeptical.
  13. TXHoosierDaddy

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Yep. I kind of feel like Ramsey is who he is. His ceiling isn't too high. The other guys offer much more intrigue. Let's hope one starts to differentiate come fall.
  14. TXHoosierDaddy

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Thanks for update. If Ramsey is starting come game 1, it is going to be rather disappointing and I may put us back at 5 wins. Lots of offensive weapons and the defense should take a step forward after last year.
  15. TXHoosierDaddy

    College Bball Thread

    https://sports.yahoo.com/report-arkansas-to-hire-nevada-coach-eric-musselman-144932120.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw Sounds pretty official. To me, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Nebraska all upgraded coaches significantly this offseason. Those are the big winners.