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  1. Good points but who is our defensive coordinator? I am legit worried on that side of the ball. Allen had a handle on it when he was a DC but its a complete different ballgame when you are the HC. Saw Allen chewing someone out a few times when the defense was out there. I assume it was d-coordinator. We paid up for an offensive coordinator and now have a QB who is talented enough to win us games with his arm and legs. If we decide Allen is the answer Glass may need to pay up on that side of the ball as well. Our secondary is young but too talented to be giving up the chunk plays to a less than stellar MSU QB. I agree Allen has brought in some talented players. Wilson always brought them in on offense but Allen is bringing them in on both sides of the ball. I'm optimistic because what plagued us the last 3 or 4 years with Debourd and having no QB appears to be behind us. It's at least an exciting offense again but I sure hope we do not waste this talented QB's years by not getting better defensively. Talent can elevate it but I am a bit worried about the coaching side...
  2. It's infuriating that we can't get a year where both the offense and defense are above average. On the other hand, at least we have an offense again. It sucks being lousy on both sides of the ball and with Penix it definitely makes the offense fun to watch again. Just have to hope the defense improves some and we beat the competition we are supposed to beat. It's disappointing with Allen being a defensive guy and the defense looking worse and worse every year under his watch.
  3. TXHoosierDaddy

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    It won't matter what we do until we have a competent AD that can make hiring decisions. Do you have any confidence whatsoever that he would find a good coach if Allen were dismissed after this year? I sure as heck don't.
  4. Yes, if he's not right there is zero reason to run him out there against OSU. It won't do anyone any good. It would take a special performance to beat these guys and having a quarterback at less than 100% just isn't going to be a recipe for success. Rather run out Tuttle and at least see what he's got.
  5. I've seen Ramsey twice already against OSU. We need something special from our QB to beat OSU no doubt about it. I just can't see it happening with Ramsey.
  6. That's a very famililar problem. Need to clean that up asap.
  7. TXHoosierDaddy

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    Those last four non-con games all seem like toss-ups to me. And we usually find a way to lose one we are not supposed to in the non-con. With this being a younger team, I wouldn't be surprised to be in a tight game with a Princeton or SDSU. I think best case is 2 losses (Wisky, Fla St)
  8. TXHoosierDaddy

    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    I saw a video of a lot of the players hanging out at the pool/bbq'ing over the weekend. Definitely the freshman (Franklin, TJD) as well as Davis and Hunter for sure. This stuff goes a long way in that chemistry you speak of. We might have had lots of talent in 2013 and 2016 but you could tell those teams were very close.
  9. 2019 decommit from CWS team Texas Tech. Big time recruit that Mercer and staff are in on. Have to love what this staff is doing. Our lineup next year could be downright scary as he would likely slot in right away like Vecrumba.
  10. Walker hit .210 and although showed promise at times, we shouldn't have an issue replacing him especially with the two JUCO infielders we brought in. Actually there is probably a good chance one of those guys would have beat him out anyways so maybe he saw the writing on the wall.
  11. TXHoosierDaddy

    IU Baseball Commits

    Thanks for sharing. Nice to see a number of IU signees in here Avery Short likely would have been a Friday night starter. When Lemo left he decommited and signed with Lville. However, he got drafted high by the DBacks and signed a minor league contract. Never was going to come to IU so that makes me feel better since he would have been an impact guy from day 1.
  12. Very true. Just hoping we improve on the contact rates, which I have faith we will.
  13. Thanks, updated! I originally had Vecrumba 3. I could see that.
  14. Just for a fun a look at our lineup and pitching staff for next year. Will admit I don't know much about the incoming players outside of Vecrumba being the freshman with the best chance to contribute probably followed by Sharp but I'm not really accounting for much else since it's all a bit of a guessing game. Also, have an impact grad transfer bat in Fucci. SP's: Gabe Bierman (Friday) Tommy Sommer (Saturday) Reese Sharp (Sunday) Key Relievers: Connor Manous Cal Krueger Braden Scott Grant Sloan Lineup Drew Ashley - 2B Grant Richardson - OF Cole Barr - OF Elijah Dunham - OF Ethan Vecrumba - OF Jake Fucci - IB Skrine - dH Justin Walker - SS Jeff Holtz/Hunter Combs - C
  15. TXHoosierDaddy

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    It's one thing to troll the fans but its another to spill negativity towards the coach and team, which is what he has done so much of since Archie and not Alford was hired. Clearly sour grapes all the way. I wish we would ban him from doing games in AH. He doesn't deserve it with how much bashing he does of the program on social media.