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  1. The whole Vandy staff was there. Romeo being Romeo with 47.
  2. I was always thinking that adding Darius and Romeo was icing on the cake but was always thinking 2019 class is going to be the start of a big haul. Sure I had my hopes up but I kept reminding myself of when Archie got here. Heck I was at a New Albany game when Bryce was their watching before Archie was ever hired. I do think IU can still make a big push to keep Romeo but if not we will be fine. We got the right guy at the helm.
  3. Soulsnipes

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    We have no leadership/passion showing coming from the upper classman. I at least liked to see Al get fired up through this all. Its only one game but dang would like to see some fight from our seniors.
  4. Soulsnipes

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    Does anyone oppose to Al starting?