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  1. Honkyman

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    My initial comment was we should know soon enough whether this team will improve over last year's disappointing season by our performance during non-conference games. Suffice it to say the non-conference schedule is easier than the conference schedule irrespective of whether the non-conference schedule is slightly more difficult than last year. If IU struggles during the non-conference schedule, we are not likely to do well in the conference schedule. My point is simply that underachieving against non-conference competition will likely be followed by a mediocre conference record. Hopefully, that will not be the case.
  2. Honkyman

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    No one "expects" IU to be undefeated. But our non-conference schedule is quite easy compared to last year when we won games against the likes of Louisville, Butler, and Marquette. It is the conference schedule this year that is the tougher of the two. And if IU can't do well in the non-conference schedule, the likelihood that we will suddenly make it up during conference play is not great. Losses against non-conference teams will be an indicator of what kind of year we will have.
  3. Honkyman

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    If we can't win these games it is not likely we will win comparable games during the conference schedule. There is a lot of complaining within the IU fan base about prognosticators predicting IU missing the NCAA tournament again and finishing near the bottom of the conference. To make the tournament, IU has to win games against teams like Florida State, Notre Dame, and Connecticut--not to mention comparable conference teams. It's really that simple.
  4. Honkyman

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    If we can't defeat Florida State at home, Notre Dame in Indianapolis and Connecticut, then the predictions that IU will finish in the bottom half of the conference are likely accurate. The teams in the top half of the Big Ten are better than any of them.
  5. Honkyman

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    We'll know what this team can do soon enough. The non-conference schedule is not difficult. If we can't breeze past the first seven games in November, IU likely will have problems. IU really should not lose any games going into the new year--certainly no more than one.
  6. Honkyman

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander

    Lander said he wants to wait and see how IU does this season.
  7. Honkyman

    (2020) PG - Caleb Love

    Archie continues to recruit 5-star point guards which suggests that he is not convinced that Rob Phinisee is the only answer to IU's point guard needs. Archie may even believe that Rob is not as good as IU needs to lead the team to real success. In any event, Phinisee was injured last year and that became a problem. Why not go after the best available?
  8. We are losing two starters after this season--a scoring guard who plays some point (Green) and a center (Davis). We have not yet landed replacements for either. Hopefully, that will change.
  9. Honkyman

    Joby Wright - A Look Back

    Joby Wright was a part of arguably the most talented front line in IU history during the 1970-71 season: George McGinnis and Joby Wright at forwards and Steve Downing at center. Coach Lou Watson couldn't handle all that talent and the team under-achieved resulting in Watson's dismissal and the hiring of Bobby Knight. In two seasons, Knight took IU to the Final Four, though without McGinnis who signed with the Pacers after one season at IU (leading the Big Ten in both scoring and rebounding) and Joby Wright who played for Knight for just one season before graduating. In those days, freshman were ineligible to play varsity. Otherwise, Joby Wright's statistics would be even better. Wright was a high school All American out of Savannah, Georgia--athletic and smooth. IU landed another All American from Wright's high school--6'4" guard Ed Daniels. But Daniels transferred after Knight was hired. I don't know how Lou Watson was able to bring two high school All Americans from Georgia to Bloomington, Indiana. If Knight had been able to coach all three--McGinnis, Wright, and Downing at once, he might have won his first national championship before the 1975-76 undefeated team.
  10. Honkyman

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    It's pretty clear Archie intends to be careful with Hunter and to bring him along slowly. His playing time will be limited at first. He definitely won't be starting at the beginning of the year.
  11. Honkyman

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    It sounds like Archie and some of the fans are at odds in their assessment of Justin Smith's role this coming season. Archie predicts Smith could be All-Big Ten defensive player this season while more than a couple of posters here think Smith will be odd-man out this year and could be a graduate transfer after this season (presumably due to lack of playing time). I hope Archie is correct and Smith has an All-Big Ten Defensive player season. I believe Archie when he says that Trayce Jackson-Davis could be the most talented player on the team. By conference season, TJD could be playing at a very high level. And, yes Joey Brunk is a great addition and will help improve the team's chemistry.
  12. Honkyman

    (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges

    Archie will take whomever he can get. Neither Cross nor Geronimo are certain for IU. If both commit, he will probably back off of Bridges. If we only get one or neither, he'll continue to pursue Bridges. The players themselves may back away from IU if one of the three commits. The dynamics of recruiting are fluid.
  13. Honkyman

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    It's not a particularly impressive non-conference schedule. There should be at least one non-conference game against a top 25 opponent. That's clearly lacking this year. There's no reason why IU shouldn't go through November and December with no more than one or two losses.
  14. Honkyman

    Fire Fred Glass

    Actually, both are correct. There are 9 IU trustees. Three are elected by alumni and six are appointed by the governor. The participation level in the election is pathetically low and the quality of trustee candidates varies from election to election. The trustees appointed by the governor are not all political hacks but some clearly are. Two appointed trustees are Hoosier sports legends--Quinn Buckner and Harry Gonzo.
  15. Mike Roberts is hardly a home run but probably the best we can do under the circumstances (i.e., late summer means bad timing; IU's reputation is down nationally). If it is Roberts, give the guy a chance. He undoubtedly brings skills and perspective the program needs.