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  1. Deserthoozier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    The Riffleman slides by!
  2. Deserthoozier

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Arkansas River Colorado. Beautiful country.
  3. Deserthoozier

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Nice Brown.
  4. Deserthoozier

    Found a treasure trove of IU videos on YouTube

    Watched the 1989 Michigan home game. Observations... 1 - IU was super outmanned talent-wise. This is the Michigan team that won the NCAA championship that year and included RIce, Mills, Robinson, and Higgins - all NBA’ers. IU’s top talent was Jay Edwards, who could do incredible things. 2 - IU played ok, not great. Coaching effort was good - patient, controlled, solid strategy - but not necessarily one of RMK’s notable masterminds. 3 - Man, those RMK teams used to play sooo gd tough - top to bottom. They really stayed in the game with raw toughness and determination. From Jadlow, to Jones, Hillman, and even the star Edwards — when they came on the floor they knew to get after it ALL the time. Don’t see that too often these days across an entire team. Guys made mistakes, but lack of game effort on every play, and even sub-play, was never one of them. IU pretty much wrapped up the Big regular season title with this win, and w out seeing the whole season, with this team you know they won purely w effort, not talent. 4. Edwards hits the game winning 3 as time expired - beautiful shot - and Bobby jumps up and down and celebrates in excitement (big dude then) like one of the kids. Nice to see - don't recall him ever showing that much outward excitement any other time after this game/season.
  5. Deserthoozier

    College Bball Thread

    Based on the outcomes of the fbi investigations - and the limited/no consequences for such obvious worst case scenario scale cheating at the highest levels - it should be open season for cheating go forward! And, that’s only what we saw from the 2nd, arguably 3rd tier shoe company supported teams/players. Sadly, it seems the BIG either needs to embrace it, or accept 2nd tier status in the Power 5 in both major sports. Maybe once In awhile, it will continue to get lucky. Opening the game/limiting the no call physicality of the bIG might help too. The 5’ers don’t want slow hard foul no call muscle ball nor to risk their career getting crushed!
  6. Deserthoozier

    College Bball Thread

    Adidas ‘support’ operation must be shut down! TJ’s not getting anyone guys these days. Their premier programs reside in the BIGs - 10 & 12 + the Ville and no one’s going to touch it w a dollar! This could impact the program big time long term. Adidas conceding b-ball to Nike and Under Armor. Meanwhile, merrily they roll along..
  7. Deserthoozier

    College Bball Thread

    Anchors down!
  8. Deserthoozier

    College Bball Thread

    Let the mud rolling begin! Open season for cheating - or be left behind to perennially suffer through mediocrity!
  9. Deserthoozier

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Those guys all know how the money game works...watch out B1G!
  10. Deserthoozier

    Interesting : Big Ten Coaches Rank Big Ten Jobs

    PU has best game atmosphere??? Ease of admissions = #2...not certain that’s a badge of honor
  11. Also clouds the perception and reality of who can really coach! Anyone can roll out the balls a bunch of 5* kids and make it a few rounds in the tourney. Beilein could coach!
  12. Deserthoozier

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Doubtful - that’d be a bit like us taking an assistant from Purdue. Maybe the guy Crean picked a fight with in the handshake line?
  13. Not money! Recruiting and not willing to roll in the mud. Wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes even more vocal about the inequities between those who do and those who won’t in the college game.
  14. Deserthoozier

    Latest Men's Basketball APR Score

    Does this mean Arch has to wait that long to sharpen up the ole creaning stick?
  15. Deserthoozier

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Would not have gotten the exposure if went straight to the G league either. Also, probably would have been paid A LOT less!