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  1. Deserthoozier

    Interesting : Big Ten Coaches Rank Big Ten Jobs

    PU has best game atmosphere??? Ease of admissions = #2...not certain that’s a badge of honor
  2. Also clouds the perception and reality of who can really coach! Anyone can roll out the balls a bunch of 5* kids and make it a few rounds in the tourney. Beilein could coach!
  3. Deserthoozier

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Doubtful - that’d be a bit like us taking an assistant from Purdue. Maybe the guy Crean picked a fight with in the handshake line?
  4. Not money! Recruiting and not willing to roll in the mud. Wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes even more vocal about the inequities between those who do and those who won’t in the college game.
  5. Deserthoozier

    Latest Men's Basketball APR Score

    Does this mean Arch has to wait that long to sharpen up the ole creaning stick?
  6. Deserthoozier

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Would not have gotten the exposure if went straight to the G league either. Also, probably would have been paid A LOT less!
  7. Deserthoozier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Final argument in the case wrapped up today. Attorneys out there, why was the defense not able to call the undercover FBI agents involved to testify? Defense argument was that the FBI agent, not Dawkins - pushed the bribe the coaches scheme. Also, the primary FBI agent was apparently removed from the case for his own impropriety (lotsa govt cash in bags in Vegas hotel room - temptation city!) How/why would the defense be precluded from being able to call them to testify?
  8. Nah - Memphis is a Nike school too - just need to reallocate from a few internal cost centers. Penny came to P(l)ay!!
  9. Deserthoozier

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    7/11 Cashman Kenny!
  10. Deserthoozier

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    I think it’s perfect if he chooses to try to play for greasy Will Wade!
  11. Puhlease! Pitino was a huge cheat at every place he’s been. At U of L he cheated on his wife, the team, etc. in major ways. Petrino in football would’ve sold his own kids to win. The culture there was very consistent- from its leadership up to the AD and school president ‘do what it takes’! This was institutionalized and supported.
  12. Deserthoozier

    Recruiting Violations

    This is on Glass! If this is how we choose to manage while all others don’t abide by **** — goodby competitive athletics. We should just make them all intramural and drop out of the B1G like University of Chicago - back in the day!
  13. Deserthoozier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    This! They’ll come for LSU too. Kansas - with Self on text - will walk away untouched along w all those you listed!
  14. Deserthoozier

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Ironically, he wood have been the seventh guard at NC that Roy had on roster if he lands Keeling! Would have loved to hear Huckleberry Hound smooth talk through that creaning!!
  15. Lester just needs a little HoosierGuy love and certainty!