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  1. I wouldn't put Marshall and Arch in the same tier of coaching. Marshall is light years ahead IMO. Man, do I wish we had him.
  2. McNeil is the kind of guy we desperately need. BADDDDD
  3. Agreed. Didn't mean anything bad just that he's a big IU homer and believe all recruits IU wants will go to IU. I hope we get Keion but him saying that should not mean nothing more than hoping just like I do.
  4. You do realize he says that on everybody and has no inside knowledge.
  5. When we thinking he commits? Him or TJD first?
  6. Iubravos

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    That's what multiple car garages are for. You can have both!!!!!
  7. Maybe we should make this thread a book and sell it.
  8. Iubravos

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Not sure what you're watching but it clearly hit the backboard. Yes, he also got his arm held up before going up for the layup. He didn't play well, but that should of been two points.
  9. I think we have to get one too. Hopefully after Romeo we will seem a little more attractive.
  10. Assuming we get Romeo, are we still going to sign a grad transfer?
  11. Hope that to be true. I wonder why Brooks is telling/calling coaches that he is wide open now. Him and TJD play on the same AAU team. You would think he would be more willing to commit then be pushing IU away, especially if TJD is ready to commit. Thought we might get a Brooks verbal after the Romeo domino effect. Now I would say it's not looking that way if it's true he's wide open. Sounds like he might of got some info he didn't like. Just seems like weird timing.
  12. When will our first 2019 recruit pop? Do we still think we might get 1 or 2 soon after Romeo?