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  1. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    DeBoer is turning out to be a great hire that's for sure. DeBoer is getting paid. Something like 800k a year that could end up being $1 million per year with bonuses. I believe it's the highest paid OC in the history of the program. So hats off to Glass as well because he ponied up some cash. And I'd be fine if DeBoer goes on to pursue bigger and better things. He's earned it. It'll just mean that CTA will have to make another hire at OC. That's part of being successful at this kind of job. And with the precedent set I don't think money will be an issue.
  2. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Maybe I'm naive but even if this year isn't a fluke and our beloved Hoosiers perform this type of season on a constant basis I still think he stays put. He seems to be all about Hoosier football and here to prove something.
  3. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    In my opinion CTA isn't going anywhere. It appears that he's all in with Hoosier football. I think the only job I could see him taking would be something like Notre Dame, and that ain't gonna happen. I honestly think he's home. Man, I sure hope I don't eat crow on this.
  4. Lebowski

    Bye bye amateurism

    From what I understand this is just a delay tactic of the inevitable. Because there's already several state and one federal legislation (google Mark Walker NCAA) bills in the works. What it will likely do for me is be able to purchase EA NCAA Football again! WOOOOOOOOO!
  5. I love the future talk about our beloved Hoosiers! All of it is positive and a delight to be reading this morning. But Northwestern right now fellas. They'll need the support of their fans cheering them onward to victory at Memorial stadium this Saturday. We show up in the stadium and let them know just how much we appreciate what they've been doing then others (cough cough recruits) will take notice. Let's build something together.
  6. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    This crow doesn't taste too bad considering why I'm eating it. Job well done for our beloved Hoosiers! Now it's on to hosting Northwestern to compete for win number 7.
  7. Not that it matters but Nebraska is 4-3.
  8. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    I was thinking the same. Maybe. Hopefully our beloved Hoosiers can make some noise. As for the redshirt situation, I could be wrong here but I thought Penix got injured last year before hitting that 4 game threshold thus making it an easy decision to redshirt him? And prior to season start I recall him always harping on competing for a spot and how that was a good thing within the program. So I'm not so sure he's redshirting folks just to work them in slowly.
  9. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Looks like the Cornhuskers are now favored.
  10. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Yep. When I posted that Nebraska was at like 50.something and the Hoosiers were 49.something. Now that our Hoosiers beat the Terps things have changed. And I like it! Gonna be a tough road game. Hope they can pull it off.
  11. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Okay folks, the week has come to see if our beloved and favored (unreal) Hoosiers can walk into Lincoln and stay the course. Truly hope Penix is able to play. He adds another dimension to the offense.
  12. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    You're correct. As far as rankings and poop like that. I said that because I think ESPN has the Cornhuskers as favorites at the moment. Albeit marginal and slightly favored. But the Hoosiers have to beat Maryland first.
  13. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    I hear ya. I hope the Hoosiers don't get overwhelmed of the atmosphere. If they don't and play solid football from top to bottom they have a really good shot at pulling the upset. But a lot has to go right for them. Regardless, that's next week. This week is Maryland.
  14. Lebowski

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Yeah I've spent a lot of time in Lincoln for work. Make not mistake, they love their football like Btown loves their basketball. Maybe even more. While working in Lincoln, multiple times I've been asked to stick around a Saturday during football season. The game day bus system they've got setup to bring in the folks parked away from Memorial Stadium (parking is a bear) is down to a science. The fan base is the real deal. It's quite impressive. Nebraska folk don't mess around with their football and that's part of the reason I don't really have IU winning this game. But like I said earlier, I'll gladly eat crow.