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  1. Stromboli

    College Bball Thread

    In an overtime game with only 8 players, Keion got 7 minutes. After his supposed breakout game when Cal got ejected. In his 7 minutes he posted zeros across the stat line. You have to wonder if the 7 minutes was Cal’s revenge for that tweet someone from Keion’s camp posted. Looks like he’s getting pushed out. Maybe some of you remember Jahmius Ramsey. He was part of a trio Archie pursued with Kira Lewis and Tre Mann. When I watched him at EYBL I wasn’t real impressed, although he has largely proven me wrong. I think he ended up as the highest ranked recruit ever to go to TT? Anyway not a great game from him either. Look how many minutes those Kentucky kids are playing.
  2. Seems pretty obvious. Cassius threw his face right into Al’s hand to try to get the call smh Who guessed Al would turn into our enforcer? Also you guys may know, Brunk had a reputation in the Big East as a dirty/rough player. In the B1G he’s like a finesse guy.
  3. Oh look, another Winston foul that got a pass. That guy gets away with stuff every possession. They showed the replay of the Brunk foul (called on Joey early) and it was clear Cassius grabbed his arm to make it appear to be a foul. He had one feed where he stiff-armed our guy, just a blatant push to create space, then made the entry pass. Another replay where I think rob was showing the ref the hooking motion Winston was getting away with, and the replay showed it. The B1G trying to make him into a superstar has gone too far. Love the Izzo hate around here. Biggest crybaby in college basketball. I watched his entire postgame presser with as much glee as I did the game. And MSU fans don’t get enough credit for how insufferable they are. Loving these reports from those of you at “the Carnegie Hall of College Basketball” as Gus Johnson repeated at least 3 times last night. Guys saying best environment since 2012? Evidently reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated. Also, it’s a little thing, but just hearing Gus and Bill refer to us as IU was refreshing. For a loooong time when someone said “IU” it immediately meant the blue blood basketball program. You don’t hear it as much anymore. Not many comments on the game that haven’t been said. Al played a man’s game. He came out fired up. Our bigs dominated for us. Armaan looked like a guy that will be a plus player for us in the years to come. Justin was awesome, IMO. Great attitude, huge effort. Someone made the point that even without the two seniors, we might be returning all those guys next year. After a night like that, everyone will want to keep on being a part of this program, and hopefully recruits too. Everybody: we have people saying that going 5-7 over the next 12 would be a great overall result. We will be losing multiple games in the next month, and won’t necessarily look good doing it. Keep your cool. This team is delivering us a very satisfying season so far. Keep supporting them. Five more wins over 12 games won’t be fun, but that is 20 wins and a great resume. 100% chance I track down some grape Icebreakers before Maryland.
  4. Stromboli

    College Bball Thread

    Off topic:
  5. It’s not really accurate to say the B1G doesn’t compete well in the tourney. We’ve had 7 teams in the Final Four since 2012. We own the 3rd best win percentage against other conferences in tourney games since 1985. Many will agree that our failure to win since 2000 has a big luck element to it, because we get teams there. And it doesn’t help that we’re worried about fundamentals and points in the paint while much of the competition at that point has paid a 1 year lease on NBA talent. I think maybe a bigger factor is the talent drain. When Dawson Garcia knows he’s gonna get bodied in the B1G, he goes to the Big East. Guards don’t want to drive the lane in a conference where they might get the foul, but get bruised hips and elbows in the process. I agree it should get cleaned up. For consistency definitely. But a cleaner game is a prettier game. Like soccer with spacing and passing. To me the game in basketball is all about creating space for a good shot. Simply pushing a guy to create the space isn’t really how it should be played. Plenty of other sports for that. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-10-05/best-conferences-ncaa-tournament-play-1985
  6. Brass I was pretty vocal about Justin not being a perimeter guy, but he’s doing fine playing the 3. I really like his play. Having him and an improved Hunter could be awesome though. Both guys with solid standard forward skills. Great win! Good for Archie, too. Would love to build momentum here. No one is complaining about schemes today, but praising the effort instead. That likely means something...
  7. Stromboli

    Fred Glass Retiring

    In law school (IU--Bloomington) I was appointed as the student representative to the committee to rename the law school. The purpose, it was said plainly, was so people wouldn't mistake IU-Indy for us (two separate, unrelated schools). I show up expecting a "great experience." Of course, the Maurer gift was all but secured already and the entire committee was a formality. Turns out it was at least a learning experience about how things get done. In the aftermath, IU-Indy just secured a gift from a "McKinney" so now there's IU-Maurer and IU-McKinney. Clear as mud. Every board I've been a part of since operates the same way. Make sure the minutes reflect that procedure was followed, but it's never how things actually get done. Cue WayneFleek, et al to tell how how this relates to recruiting...
  8. Stromboli

    College Bball Thread

    Not to pile on Haarms while he’s down, but this tweet is fun.
  9. Stromboli

    College Bball Thread

    So someone on reddit calculated the odds of this B1G home win streak happening, based on the combined chance of win percentage. It’s 0.45/1000. Insane.
  10. Stromboli

    Forum tipoff classic

    The mailman delivers! Appreciate it, always good seeing you, bud.
  11. Stromboli

    Forum tipoff classic

    Stromboli in the house! I won’t be here too long, but hope to at least catch through the first half of the Silver Creek/ F Dub Blackhawk game.
  12. Dudes, I loved the ugly win. How many tourney runs come down to the team that can play in the dirt and win? I’ve seen enough ugly losses that I’m happy to see the ugly win. Hurley mentioned several times how physical we are, and I don’t think he was doing it as a shot to the refs. We are a big team, and I do hope that other teams know that when you play Indiana, you’re going to get beat up a little. It was likely frustration from the physical play that caused the ugly flagrant. DeRon. Ouchies. It is no exaggeration that 55 year olds at LAFitness move better. Couldn’t reach to gather that pass from Justin. Couldn’t dunk on an open goal. He’s got heart, but physical limitations. Personally, that was the best I’ve seen of Rob. His sticky defense has always been his best attribute, but to me he was a better PG than ever before. Surprised he only got 13 minutes, hope there wasn’t a setback. This win is very big later. I’d be more than happy with two more ugly non-con wins. There won’t be much for us to analyze here. I think about basketball in the same way you’ll hear coaches talk about football, three phases of the game. But rather than special teams in basketball, there’s this element of chaos that you have to control. Diving for a ball and making a pass from your butt, for example. Al did that (good) only to have Devonte dribble off his foot (bad). Or those tip offensive rebounds back out to a guard, who aggressively gets it. Open floor chaos. It may make for an ugly game, but it’s important to win those situations. No game is ever going to be just the Xs and Os on the whiteboard pregame. I don’t think we were great last night on our fast breaks and all, but ultimately we won a very chaotic game. Um. Some concerns on offense for sure. You know I consider the long 2 a lazy, selfish shot. There were plenty of them. It comes down to off ball movement and passes to get in position for better shots, and that’s a team initiative, not just the player. Lastly. Some of you all are just too emotional. Like maybe add some self reflection into your life and find center, because your coping techniques aren’t good. These NCAA basketball games are entirely arbitrary. Be a fan because it’s something that enriches your life. Not a release valve for negativity. I’m Stromboli, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.