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  1. IUHAHN82

    (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges

    I'm sure hoping so!
  2. IUHAHN82

    (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges

    That's scary!
  3. IUHAHN82

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Man, DG must hit like a punk cause I don't remember any kind of marks on Romeos face resembling getting hit by someone :/
  4. IUHAHN82

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Meaning guys we recruited in the past that chose other schools?
  5. IUHAHN82

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    God I hate losing at home.
  6. IUHAHN82

    2019 Guard

    Time to throw an invite to Alex Hemenway!
  7. For what it's worth I laughed hard as hell out loud at this! Thanks
  8. Went into work last night and did all of my Monday work so I could sit in my office and just hit the refresh button with u guys today. Here's to history starting to repeat itself today! GO IU!
  9. Over, just not "over the rainbow". We don't need anymore wizard of oz, Kansas crap talk.
  10. Question really is, will he wear blue shirts every game like he did at IU? Ok ok, in fairness he did have that ONE red and white checkered shirt :/
  11. Wait, isn't a loss by less than 20 still a win at Vandy???
  12. Don't let Archie hear Drew talk technically like in his infamous timeouts!
  13. IF the staff did send the trio to the game, and they were cool making that trip, that speaks volumes to me as to the "team" concept Archie is building at IU. That's pretty cool if that was the case.
  14. Archie sending in them future teammates!