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  1. bigrod

    Fire Fred Glass

    I'm not sure it's his boss's fault for not holding him accountable as much as that he doesn't care or is happy with where they are. I've heard many say that Glass has to fight tooth and nail for everything he gets. McRobbie doesn't see the value productive sports teams give to the University.
  2. bigrod

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    We're the only one that doesn't start with "M" too. The choice seems clear. By the way, Memphis better be paying some good money to get players on that hideous court!
  3. bigrod

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    I agree with you on Luck's interceptions, but I think a lot of that was overconfidence to the point that he took chances. I like Brissett, but I feel like he takes a little too long in his reads, which causes him to check down out of plays too often. With Luck, we could be three TD's down and you felt like he had a chance to bring you back. With Brissett, I think you need to keep the game close. You don't feel like he's going to pull you out of a big hole very often.
  4. bigrod

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    Who is currently making money off of the likeness of NCAA players?
  5. bigrod

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    Or.. We've been making a crap-ton of money off of this for so long, we don't want anything to change. We are confused as to how we can continue to do nothing and still make money off of these student athletes.
  6. bigrod

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    We can only hope!
  7. bigrod

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    As frustrated as I was watching the game on Saturday, I have to mostly agree with this. Every time they almost intercepted a pass, or almost broke a big play, I was just thinking that those are the things that separate us from the winners. They are putting themselves in position to make the plays, now they just have to get out of their own heads and do it. I think the best we are going to do for a coach is to get someone like Allen and let him make mistakes and grow into the position. This is just not an attractive job in the division we are in. We are not going to pull a great coach away from another school, and not many "upward trajectory" coaches are going to be willing to take a chance that they can turn things around here. This may be personal "old school" preference, but I'm not a big fan of Allen "the cheerleader" on the sidelines. You can encourage your team without the theatrics. I know we've been turning the longest corner ever for the last few years, but they really seem like they are ready to break through.
  8. bigrod

    Fire Fred Glass

    That we know of... :)
  9. bigrod

    Fire Fred Glass

    While I have some of the same concerns that have been raised here, I certainly did not feel the team underachieved in Archie's first year. I think most projected us to finish 10-12 and we tied for 6th. This was from an NIT team that lost it's best players and was learning a whole new system.
  10. bigrod

    Fire Fred Glass

    No way even a Dean's list student from UK knows the difference between "your" and "you're." I suppose, with the absence of the apostrophe, it's possible they just spelled "your" incorrectly.
  11. bigrod

    Fire Fred Glass

    In our last bowl, we played the team that is now ranked 10th in the country. Sure hard to see how/where we are improving, especially by comparison.
  12. bigrod

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Maybe it's just me, but when I watch Brissett, it seems like he's about a second late on all of his decisions, which is probably why he ends up checking down so often. Guy made some great escapes yesterday though. He should have been sacked at least 5 times and he somehow got away.
  13. Ok, beside the best coach in the NCAA comment, who are all these bigs that Purdue has put in the league? Swanigan and...??? IU has more bigs playing in the NBA than Purdue does.
  14. Maybe there was another reason he left so early the last game. It's not like they were up a ton when he left.
  15. I've been wondering, given the timing of this game, if it is possible that DeBoer has been purposely holding back the full offensive scheme. Either way, I hope they throw everything they can at them.