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  1. goonaha

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    If you say so, Tinkerbell. Sorry, didn't realize jokes about former coaches who prided themselves on how tough they were were off limits. Tinkerbell though, nice reference.
  2. goonaha

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Kind of a snowflake move
  3. goonaha

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Wow, they just care so much about winning. What great roster construction.
  4. goonaha

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    They are THE show in Omaha, which isn't a small town.
  5. Incredible self awareness. Ripping me for being uninformed (you don't know me), and yet you're so easy to dismiss Quinones simply based on where he goes to school (a program that churns out great players in many different sports, by the way). And by the way, that "pompous response" was in response to you ripping a current IU player when you didn't have all the facts of that player's situation. That was you being...critical, which apparently is also a fault of mine. I am a big TJD and Franklin fan; I think they will both have varying degrees of impact next season. However, it seems ignorant in my mind to dismiss our last remaining 2019 target, whose best skill is a huge area of need for our team next year.
  6. goonaha

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Can we get a dead horse option for reactions?
  7. Quinones is "just a player", but Franklin "will help immediately" and Hunter "will surprise a lot of people." One of those is a less accomplished recruit and the other isn't even cleared to play.
  8. goonaha

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    As a person? Love that.
  9. goonaha

    (2020) PG - Caleb Love

    I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. Louisville was thought to be a leader, but isn't listed there. He isn't going to Iowa or DePaul, that's for sure. IU is still busy wrapping the 2019 class with Quinones and Harris official visits occurring in the week listed in that tweet.
  10. goonaha

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    By my count that's two in homes and two "unofficial" visits since he entered the portal. Hopefully no need for an official.
  11. And to be clear, I was being sarcastic regarding the TJD and AF being attention seeking. My whole point was that people (and I don't think it was even you that irked me) were lambasting LQ for being "attention seeking" by having a tweet about his visit or reacting to some small time media guy. And at the same time people were complimenting TJD and AF for only tweeting their announcements and thus not seeking attention. So bottom line was, kids spending time on twitter is not a big deal and not necessarily "attention seeking" in both the LQ and TJD/AF scenarios. I think we're all good, but thanks for taking the time to respond.
  12. Are we not all up in arms about a recruit's tweet? So how exactly was TJD's twitter announcement "quiet"? It got thousands of likes and replies as I recall. Edit: Response to "Confused" emoji: LQ is some "dude addicted to the attention he gets on Twitter". TJD "announced quietly via twitter". Can you see how that doesn't add up?
  13. Neither TJD nor Franklin won state championships nor Peach Jam for their respective high school/EYBL teams. Both of them have posted multiple edits or pictures on Twitter and Instagram in an effort to attract likes from the IU fanbase.
  14. We should dump the entire recruiting class with this logic then.