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  1. Hoosierfan31

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    Really hope bendu didnt injure the achilles
  2. Hoosierfan31

    #IUWBB - 2019 NCAA Tournament

    Patberg forced a lot of bad shots. we need to get penn berger and wise better looks. Maybe hit some FT
  3. Hoosierfan31

    #IUWBB - 2019 B1G Tournament

    I mean you have to buy WNIT wins (home games) basically so maybe these teams/schools arent willing to throw down big bucks to attempt to make an under achieving team/coach seem like they had a great season/record.
  4. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs Purdue 3/3 @ noon

    Funniest thing about that is how successful coach jack has been in the last 3 years. Went to the sweet 16 last season.
  5. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs Northwestern 2/26 @ 8 pm

    I just dont understand how you beat a really good team and then turn around and play like that against a mediocre team we should have beat 2x esp this time missing Jordan Hamilton..guard that starts for them averages 9.5 points and 3.3 ast pg purdue game is a must win if we want to stay off the wrong side of the bubble
  6. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs #23 Rutgers 2/18 on BTN!

    Rutgers scored less than 50 points in 2 of their last 3 games and in the last game they scored under 40 and we just gave up 70 to them at assembly hall
  7. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs #23 Rutgers 2/18 on BTN!

    Assist / TO awful again.
  8. Hoosierfan31

    IUWBB at Michigan - 2/14

    Penn looked nice despite not having a great shooting night 4 ast only 1 to but we have a glaring need for a true pg. Thought 1st half was good for iu but we fell apart in 2nd half. Fwiw Michigan was also without their starting pg, Amy dilk from Carmel
  9. Hoosierfan31

    IUWBB @ Michigan State - 2/11/19

    While you cant deny that it certainly would help to have our leading scorer..the numbers that stand out in most games us our assist/TO ratio compared to our opponents..and its not better with patberg in the game.. our guards all have abysmal ast/to. Bendu - 55 ast 62 to Patberg - 119 ast 80 to B1G play 60 ast 44 to Penn - 29 ast 71 to Berger - 44 ast 44 to Warthen - 7 ast 14 to Wise - 31 ast 33 to Royster - 8 ast 40 to Gulbe - 7 ast 30 to Marchese - 3 ast 8 to
  10. Hoosierfan31

    (2019) F Jorie Allen to IUWBB

    Castle wins 54-48 *edit* Allen has 23 points and 7 rebounds for the stars
  11. Hoosierfan31

    (2019) F Jorie Allen to IUWBB

    Tied 23 all at the half
  12. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs Minnesota 2/6 @ 7 pm

    Does anyone read the Hoosier sports report (formerly the hoosier scoop)? Some very interesting comments on there from a poster that is believed to be teri morens SO. Interedting comments about keyanna and linsey m and their lack of PT. This poster seems to be repeating things the CTM has said..knows too much to be a casual fan
  13. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs Minnesota 2/6 @ 7 pm

    Our assist turnover was embarrassing, theres wasnt anything impressive either. Bell just shoots freethrow after freethrow. Makes for a long, ugly game
  14. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs Minnesota 2/6 @ 7 pm

    Prayers for ali. Looked painful. I really dont know who is going to run point if she is out long term
  15. Hoosierfan31

    WBB vs #17 Rutgers 1/31 @ 7 pm

    The usual post game quote from moren after a loss..on turnovers..notice that she doesnt need to take ownership..the players do........hmmmm "It’s our Achilles heel right now and until our kids take ownership and fix it, we’re going to be in tight games, but at times we won’t be able to close it out.” Warthen, Johnson, and Marchese would leave after this season if they actually want to contribute somewhere. Berger would have been on the bench 40 minutes if she went to louisville. coach loses her composure after a few losses and reverts to her old ways, let's hope that doesnt derail what was a pretty positive season so far