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  1. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    Daily Hoosier reporting it also "According to a Rivals report, Van Zyl attributed those poor shooting percentages to various injuries." Ugh...…………..
  2. Hardwood83

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    So what is the most realistic '20 class at this point? Galloway, Cross &.....who else? I'm also hoping for Loveday to replace Davis and a PG (even a Grad transfer) to back-up Phinisee.
  3. Hardwood83

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway

    I'm all for Galloway coming to IU. I like what I've seen of him and agree he seems to be a program type of guy. Though I think it's fair to point out that he won't play until Archie's fourth season. There is no way he should just now be "pouring a foundation". I'm with Wayne- I want to believe, but am cautiously pessimistic. I haven't seen enough to have confidence and if this season ends in the NIT again......ugh.
  4. Hardwood83

    IU Baseball 2019 Recruiting Class

    I like the direction the Baseball program is going. 0.27 ERA is ridiculous! I assume he will primarily pitch? Finally, is it really appropriate for Pabst Blue Ribbon to sponsor HS athletes? ;)
  5. Hardwood83

    19/20 Squad = Class Balance

    Yeah, his weight looks good, now if we can just get his feet point at the basket when shooting we'll be on our way!
  6. Hardwood83

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    "Louisville, North Carolina State, Kansas, Arizona, LSU, USC, Oklahoma State, South Carolina and Auburn. TCU, Creighton and Clemson" Lesson? Those schools listed were incredibly sloppy. Kentucky, Duke & No Carolina laugh at their amateurish antics while wiping their butts with the NCAA rulebook and burning piles of Nike's money. Pathetic. Isn't Louisville the definition of "lack of institutional control"? They need the death penalty- ZERO basketball scholarships for 2 seasons, but let them have a team of walk-ons. That MIGHT get someone's attention.
  7. Hardwood83

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Absolutely! So ready for IU to have legit big men. I've had enough of under-sized (Freddie Mc) out of position (Colin Hartman) or high (Hanner) players in the post! Get these two watching film of Uwe stat!
  8. Hardwood83

    (2020) PF Matt Cross

    Wonder how they think that is working out for them now?! By my unofficial count Cal has recruited 37 other wings since Brooks committed. My response? Sure it's petty, but I don't want ANYONE to succeed at Kentucky. Made your slimy choice, now stew in it Keion.
  9. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    It's June, what else are we gonna discuss?
  10. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    I was referencing this story: https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2019/05/miller-plans-to-bank-2-open-scholarships/ CAM: "“We would only use one if it was an impactful decision. We’re not going to use one just to be hasty. We’ve had all spring to evaluate things, but going into the 2020 class with some more windows to add some more bodies in that class is something that we’ve looked forward to.” So IF he brings on Van Zyl he must think he's 'impactful'. Here's hoping.
  11. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    Logically you are correct, but it just reeks of desperation, doesn't it? A week or so ago Archie says he's "banking" 2 open schollies, now he's keeping in regular contact with some off the radar kid that no one has heard of? Nothing wrong with checking out all options, but this is not the kind of roster management of an up & coming program, is it?
  12. Hardwood83

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    I wish IU was playing Pitt or some bottom dweller. I want to win consistently- including in the ACC/B1G challenge- before I worry about perception. Just win and the accolades and credibility will follow. I realize I am likely in the minority in this opinion, but IU is a mediocre team until proven otherwise and should schedule accordingly (even though the conf office actually chooses these matchups)
  13. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    I completely agree- for next season. But tying up a scholarship for 2+ yrs? Not interested.
  14. Hardwood83

    Memphis vs Indiana

    I would be ok with this, but gotta make the tourney. Of course that is sitting here in June, come Sept I reserve the right for my expectations to run away with me! But if IU misses the tourney again, I am off the Archie bus. I didn't agree to any 4-5 yr plan just to make the friggin NCAA's. That will be unacceptable. Memphis sucks.
  15. Hardwood83

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    If I'm putting together a team for a Geography Bee, this kid is my first round pick. For IU's BB team? Ehhhhh, no thanks.