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  1. Hardwood83

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Fortunately we're not competing against the fans commitment! I think Frost will get it figured out there- but they need a culture change from the Mike Riley era debacle and are very beatable right now. The comparison of NU football to IU basketball is spot on too.
  2. Hardwood83

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    It's not like that at Nebraska. Everybody claims to have "great fans" but it's actually true for Nebraska football. They really do sell out, even when their team sucks (although tickets are much easier to get.) I should be among the 90,000 next week! I agree it will be a tough game for IU just because it's IU football, but having watched Nebraska several times, I believe IU is better in every phase of the game. If Neb QB Martinez is still out (he got hurt vs NW and didn't play last week at Minnesota) then IU definitely should win.
  3. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    I'm starting to become a believer in Minnesota. They barely beat some weak teams and ain't pretty, but they are improving. And with as impotent as Iowa's offense is, I think the Gophers are the second best team in the West. Looking at their remaining schedule, 10-2 is very possible, 9-3 likely.
  4. Hardwood83

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Yep, I'm kinda dumb!
  5. Hardwood83

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    True, we didn't even seem to sniff any transfers last spring, did we?
  6. Hardwood83

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Understood, I was addressing your "if not Diara we might not get a PG for '20" thought. I'd love both but I do think finding a solid back-up PG via grad transfer is a realistic option. Seriously doubt IU could find another big man anywhere near the level of Garcia.
  7. Hardwood83

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    I'd be fine with a Grad transfer PG too. I like Diara, from what I've seen, but would choose Garcia between the two.
  8. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    Good call, he's probably the best example. So that makes it about a 3% success rate? I don't blame college coaches for giving it a go, plenty of NFL guys fail too, but I sure wouldn't leave O$U for the Redskins or some other dysfunctional NFL franchise that will chew you up and spit you out in 2-3 years. Plenty of pressure in NCAA, but a lot longer leash and easier to succeed, imo.
  9. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    Sheesh talk about jumping the gun- Day has coached 5 games and all the sudden is NFL hotness? Probably the perfect fit for the 'Skins! What's the percentage of college coaches successfully making the NFL jump? I can think of Pete Carrol....but he was in the NFL first...….Barry Switzer? I'm sure there are more, but all NFL coaches look the same to me. On a non-related front, Purdoo doesn't get much right, but this is cool (if a little gimicky) Astronaut unis
  10. Hardwood83

    Hoosier Hysteria

    I haven't seen a lot of Franklin, but I'll be very content with that and believe that is what this team needs. A solid 10-12mpg guard that can play smart, defend. score a little and not be a huge drop-off from the starter. I think Rob, Green & Al eat up the majority of mins at the guard spots, but definitely need some quality depth.
  11. Hardwood83

    Hoosier Hysteria

    If that happens things have either gone really really well or really really badly.
  12. Hardwood83

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Are you gonna believe the facts or me? Ok, ok, fine I want him to be great, alright? Is that so wrong!?!
  13. Hardwood83

    Hoosier Hysteria

    I predict that if Devonte is consistently good- not great or even really good- just good, he'll get all the love he can handle. At least from me. I want stability over highlights and buzz every day of the week. 17-18 ppg with > 2 TO's/game like clockwork please!
  14. Hardwood83

    College Football Thread

    A lot of bad football today. Mich - Iowa was brutal. Nebraska- NW was ugly and Florida- Auburn very sloppy.
  15. Hardwood83

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    I think the basic question is "do we want to maintain amateur, school-based sports?" I have to admit to kind of conflating "paying players" with the slightly more narrow California law that simply allows them to profit from their likeness, appearances etc. I am definitely against paying amateurs (oxy-moron?), but you give an excellent real world example that shows how complicated this is. To be an apples to apples comparison to your son, wouldn't we have to say TJD gets paid for playing basketball outside of IU/NCAA? I don't think that is compatible with anything like the current system, unless you want to burn it all to the ground. Under that scenario UK would have their players put on an exhibition game that charges boosters $250,000 a head to attend and let the players split the proceeds. (Actually, they probably ALREADY do that). So, nothing against your son, but I would say "no" because revenue sports are different. They just are. There is clear incentive to influence the outcome of games that doesn't exist for field hockey or fine arts. There is already plenty of cheating and this would open a whole new arena for it. A better question (related to the Cali law) is more like should TJD be allowed get paid for signing pictures, or attending a car dealership promo, etc? That is definitely tougher, but I think it's a seriously slippery slope too. Won't this just legitimize paying players? I think a lot of posters here are ok with that, but I am not. Probably gets back to the heart of my original question "do we want to maintain amateur sports ?" If yes, then paying players because they are players is a no-go. If 'no' then just get rid of intercollegiate sports altogether and just have different levels of pro sports. Why should pro athletes have to enroll in school? So that was a lot of words to come back to, are these professionals or amateurs? Proceed accordingly.