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  2. #RetainFirst #BeatWayne #BeatErrrrrryone
  3. You made a fine effort of it. I'm pretty sure I almost contradicted some of my earlier picks with later picks. I even questioned the few gimmies because I just don't trust you anymore...
  4. I loved the total rebounds minus offensive rebounds.... so... the defensive rebounds then?
  5. As someone who was inside the hall that day I still object. You have secured your ulcer name! :)
  6. I want it on record that I protest this 50 question atrocity. Have I not suffered enough?! I named my first ulcer Wayne... my next 2 shall be called Dalton and DJ.
  7. Npride

    #IUBB Pick'ems Week 30 vs Iowa

    You too man. Stupidity should be painful, but at least it keeps us in business!
  8. Npride

    #IUBB Pick'ems Week 30 vs Iowa

    Indeed I am brother! Career firefighter/paramedic in Avon, Indiana. Been on the job almost 9 years now.
  9. Pass the Tums please....
  10. Why? Why do you do this to me? How many ulcers must I develop to obtain my crown?
  11. Npride

    #IUBB Pick'ems Week 30 vs Iowa

    I admittedly did not research these at all. I'm at the firehouse today and the weather has kept me slammed ass busy. Good luck everyone. Except you Wayne, I hope you fail :)
  12. Npride


    Who wouldn't love some good ol' Chuck Taylor's? Does this make me old? You darn kids with your music....