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  1. RT @eugenegu: As a surgeon in Nashville, this Waffle House shooting is so tragic and infuriating because Tennessee state lawmakers have rep…

  2. I see VP Pence with Gov Greitens. He just seems hear alot of sex and the occult is spreading in GOP. Back home in I… https://t.co/G6zaON965f

  3. @MiraSorvino @bhba but I thought PR was worried for women "All the rapes at levels never seen before at the border"… https://t.co/UpLbxRhc6X


  5. RT @nprfreshair: "Eviction isn't just a condition of poverty; it's a cause of poverty," Matthew Desmond says. @evictionlab https://t.co/qD1…

  6. @CREWcrew @POTUS How many times have you said you do not have business in Russia? https://t.co/bDCKyIkDai

  7. @SenGillibrand @nastiestwoman #BlueWave2018 Flip the House and Senate Less than 20 % of youngest voters turn ou… https://t.co/wUywS8kh7P

  8. #Trump needs loser Hannity to defend Melania? https://t.co/56EVlXqZth

  9. @maggieNYT @christinawilkie Credit goes out to ask that one.

  10. #BlueWave2018 Flip the House and Senate Less than 20 % of youngest voters turn out See Change comes with VOTER… https://t.co/avrbhnt8g0

  11. @lovehatepolitic #Trump Outrageous! NO State Welcome for a murdering thug with most blood on his hands of any leade… https://t.co/VqPAie91n6

  12. @DanaRohrabacher He's batty bonkers; pardoned horrid Lawman in AZ, endorsed accused pedophille Moore Senate throw… https://t.co/nYg2YuNd5X

  13. @bryan_helten @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump after just first year, 3 guilty going to jail, 12 lawyered up had the w… https://t.co/OMNP1Pz8mc

  14. @ThumperNM The Stable Genius the stank of bull **** is worst of all rodeos.