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  1. Dingell’s guest for Trump: Deported man’s wife https://t.co/Xy4xz88R33 via @detroitnews

  2. @johncusack JFK Civil Rights https://t.co/27C1YYinAB

  3. The Obama bull market: A 140% jump in the Dow https://t.co/so2L40omMJ via @CNNMoney

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  5. It's not right, GOP cuts Medicaid on a serviceman's family. VA overburdened with VETS who lost limbs overseas, that… https://t.co/D83gI2eYZd

  6. Someone in US PR Trump staff commented backlash made them back off. https://t.co/MtdOrNoRTN

  7. Recy Taylor: A Symbol of Jim Crow's Forgotten Horror https://t.co/HPDiP50gHn via @TheRoot

  8. @stevehowey @SHO_Shameless "The safe word will be 'french fry'."

  9. RT @gigirules7: #ThursdayThoughts Don't let anything stop you from achieving your goals...not even #blizzard2018 ! https://t.co/3Yj8ByptxR

  10. @realDonaldTrump #Trump What in name of Holy Red White and Blue? .....one of PR first tweet of 2018 opens up like a… https://t.co/Ncu2Htpw4Z

  11. 11 people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/fcGYeh5vjB

  12. @NBCSChicago https://t.co/Qmkezcpm0I

  13. RT @BetteMidler: Newsweek sez Trump spent at least 40 hours tweeting since becoming POTUS. Congrats on completing one full week of work in…

  14. FEMEN Sextremist has Stolen Newborn Jesus in Vatican – FEMEN - https://t.co/Cq3fZTIJYG via https://t.co/FKmk2Un1Aj