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  1. MoyeNeeded

    Fire Fred Glass

    "Magic 8ball, will Fred Glass be fired soon?" ans. Outlook not so good!
  2. MoyeNeeded

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    We get Kaufman not Furst.
  3. MoyeNeeded

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Let's get some folks there to ensure that there are many!
  4. MoyeNeeded

    IU Basketball Alumni Wall

    Silver Creek HS...same as Trey Kaufman!
  5. MoyeNeeded

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Amazing how much the needle moves on this thread even during a off week.
  6. MoyeNeeded

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Sportn' the team kicks too!
  7. MoyeNeeded

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Any Snoop Dog sightings?
  8. MoyeNeeded

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    You don't win games against ranked teams with talented Fr and Soph when those ranked teams are fielding talented upper classmen.
  9. MoyeNeeded

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    I'm sure we will see Leal and Galloway respond also!
  10. MoyeNeeded

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    Anything leaking out on how the visit went?
  11. MoyeNeeded

    The Masked Singer (Spoilers?)

    Yes it did!
  12. MoyeNeeded

    Victor Oladipo - Indiana Pacers

    Anyone catch the show The Masked Singer? I'm thinking the Thingamajig is Victor! Looks to be about his size and one of the clues was the number 4. Has Victor's voice too.
  13. MoyeNeeded

    Hunter Cleared

    He should be able to handle the minutes. He's been working cardio just as much as the rest of the team. He has also been participating in drill sets like everyone else and playing pick-up ball. Yes not the same, but he will be in as good of shape as the rest. It's the development of his skills that would be what could hold him back, but they should still be more advanced that most true FR coming in. He will see plenty of min especially if he grasps the defense. Smith better show some serious improvement or he may see the short end of it.