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  1. Always question authority https://t.co/VvcyEIq9VK

  2. See what I mean, @502eire

  3. @SnottieDrippen Al Jefferson and Cory Joseph, maybe

  4. @firescotch his age is the biggest revelation for me. I woulda bet he was 94, not 74

  5. @502eire Fat Dan's at 54th and college here in Indy.

  6. Is it still #nationalpetday? This dude is the best roommate I've ever had, outside of him being… https://t.co/k8dJGXWBhk

  7. @BPSS_UGod @aklingus Ain't nothing wrong with a Whopper. Dang fine fast food burger.

  8. @HumbleTeej @Cam_Is_Like Jesus christ

  9. @theryanwalsh @Conley76 @TritonBrewing Is it not

  10. @agoodstrongwife You do remind me of the 2001 MTV VMAs

  11. @its_whitney I was with my family when I locked it up. They humored me.

  12. @bigb0yszn @its_whitney Been an absolutely great ride. Feels damn good.

  13. I'm crying famerly

  14. @twitersgoodboy Delete this