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  1. https://t.co/jPFePGvzFq

  2. RT @its_whitney: the wnba doesn’t need your jokes and it doesn’t need more commentary about how its not covered properly. it just needs us…


  4. @dervack @UweBollocks Sex Drive: Director's Cut. Way better.

  5. Listen up, dipshits https://t.co/x05SVbUODY

  6. @502eire I love you Dawn. Hugs from afar.

  7. @ThatBoysGood They're everywhere in Carmel, which honestly doesn't surprise me.

  8. @theryanwalsh @talkhoops Basketball Twitter rules haha

  9. @AllThatAmar Had it on at work but missed it while cleaning. Saw it two hours later and still don't think it's real.

  10. RT @JB_Dior: Can everyone please RT this? Her name is Miya Moore and she has been missing since April 30. She was last seen on N. Elam Stre…

  11. @rasputinmethod Wow let's do talk some day about Kill Them All - ...And Justice For all

  12. @TheHipsterRebbe Back pain is the worst pain. Once had a sneezed that pulled my pelvis out of alignment.

  13. @jedfartlett I would steal balloons from party supply stores

  14. Do you think the extended family of @realDonaldTrump feels shame or embarrassment? The ones not named in direct rel… https://t.co/LfNFmcTrrx

  15. Who is this? What did I do? https://t.co/hmSy2wK6rc