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  1. Looking forward to @eclecticbrotha explaining how DSA's support of the GOP lead the DNC to learning cuss words https://t.co/IQWVXIeG7U

  2. @Chris_Bly How does that go in a straight line

  3. RT @JoshTheLink: Never tell me we need to find common ground with these monsters. https://t.co/vBmQlya9dw

  4. RT @tomwalkerisgood: As his name is not "Biggest Bird", we are to understand that Sesame Street is home to at least one, perhaps more, trul…

  5. RT @big_business_: Sorta athletic, had potential but turned out to be a bust in the end both career wise and figuratively. https://t.co/S03…

  6. White Privilege https://t.co/a34oOIfRsa

  7. @stevenamcqueen FIGHT MILK!!!! https://t.co/fIe4ahImDq

  8. 15 minutes into the new Curb Your Enthusiasm and, wow, the Trans/Homophobia is just laid on thick

  9. How we doing @PFTCommenter https://t.co/4f8MJEq7VI

  10. @maybe_sairy @geoffglaab Yeah I can imagine so

  11. I wanna inject "Louisville Interim Head Coach Tom Crean" directly into my eyeballs

  12. @McQueen2103 @fschick1249 It was a perfectly timed tweet lol

  13. @nasboatOG @kerrence Wedding band The Blues Travelers

  14. @baethiest @80HD_Theatre @WooBennyNMU Chunky or GTFO here with your baby teeth that can't chew on peanuts