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  1. @8bitbojackson They pulled it from Indy last year ????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. RT @crimsonquarry: while we wait, let’s look back on some Fake News Award winners from years past! here’s 1969: https://t.co/fF0jgLofVh

  3. Last night don't be a dumbass #NBAvote Vic Oladipo @VicOladipo

  4. goddamn lonely love, man

  5. RT @DragonflyJonez: Kobe is gonna be drawing parallels to eurosteps and violin solos and explaining how Giannis pump fakes like a falcon on…

  6. @Chris_Love73 He'll learn, hopefully...

  7. is that bad @VicOladipo #NBAVote https://t.co/EjdUpxslxw

  8. @BillSellsBeer One of my favorites ever. JK Simmons haunts me.

  9. @RealTrillBill Zero T Geoff

  10. I hope all these raw water doofuses go the way of the Oregon Trail and die of dysentery

  11. @sexualjumanji That's why he is in jail obviously

  12. Never let @Cernovich forget the mess he created. A family inconvenienced by a mixup is now implicated in a fake sca… https://t.co/dJMUJpAQYU

  13. *owns an Amazon iPhone cable for a few months* https://t.co/3DMH8ms2vK

  14. @theryanwalsh @hungerlordjrjr In Bloomington, IN.....

  15. @Chuggernaut6 Get to Bloomington and if I'm still awake I'll let ya in