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  1. DChoosier

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    I wasn’t even responding to you ??
  2. DChoosier

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    And then we ended the season scoring 3 points in the first five minutes of the OSU BTT game, A game widely thought to be a NCAA tourney play-in game but we came out slow and Romeo, in his post game interview, stated they just did not come out with energy......in a game to get into the tourney !?!?!?!?!?
  3. DChoosier

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    We fell behind early a lot. As an example this is an early January article from the IDS. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2019/01/iu-mens-basketball-continues-string-of-slow-starts-in-loss-to-michigan
  4. DChoosier

    College Bball Thread

    I wish and hope the Archie has great success, and am fully aware that these pre-season tourney projections are worthless, but if you told me a few years ago that going into his third season we would be “hoping” to beat out Illinois or Penn freaking State to get into the tourney I would have laughed out loud. This upcoming season is really difficult to figure out (a whole lot of if’s) but I can’t wait for it to start.
  5. DChoosier

    Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards

    Good for Thomas. Time to re-read some of the “he made a mistake by leaving” posts :)
  6. DChoosier

    (2020) WR David Baker to IU

    Nice to see he had offers from Purdue, UM and Iowa. Always good to have 6’2” receivers and land some of the better in-state kids.
  7. DChoosier

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    We should reach out to Landers mom to see if she is interested.
  8. On one hand I want us to “get old”, and see players develop as they become juniors and seniors, but on the other hand I was disappointed in his freshman year shooting and defense. I realize that is a very contradictory position .
  9. Is it really good for a team to depend on Hunter Thompson? He was quite the partier.
  10. DChoosier


    I sure hope your right. At this point it seems it is TBD.
  11. DChoosier

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    No way to know but I don’t think Archie made another home visit to tell him we lost interest. There could be a million scenarios. Maybe Morton was concerned about being behind Rob for two years, maybe he liked the other teams offensive schemes more, who knows.
  12. DChoosier

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Thanks for pointing that out. As you noted their spacing etc looked good and Leal in particualr made some nice passes. I realize it is a highlight clip but man, Lander is athletic. Getting those three would be a Hoosier dream come true :)
  13. DChoosier

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I hope we get Galloway. In the Indy Star article the dad also seemed to like PU, in addition to IU, a fair amount.
  14. DChoosier

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    According to the Pittsburgh paper Archie had another home visit with Morton a little over a week ago. Morton is a PG while Leal and Galloway are SG’s. The staff worked hard to get Morton. I think we just plain lost, which happens in recruiting, rather than backed off.