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  1. Thanks for the update. Thanks for the update.
  2. Any news on Dawand Jones or Latrell Jean?
  3. Why does the word troll keep coming to mind? Critical is one thing , whole overboard negative is another.
  4. VPC

    Mike DeBord Retiring

    Since this was rumored for some time, it can't be a surprise internally. I hope they have been thinking about this and the best opportunity to improve.
  5. VPC

    RIP - Terry Hutchens - 1958-2018

    Truly a tragedy. Very sad news.
  6. What are the chances we would look at Matt Canada coming to help the offense? Not sure he would be interested, and don't know the "inside" story about Debord. Just curious on the thoughts there.
  7. Obviously, a Big weekend. GO HOOSIERS!
  8. I don't disagree that until signing day anything can happen, but for the most part we've held onto our commitments.
  9. No choice , GOTTA get this one IU - 35 West Lafayette FB Club - 32 So, how much of an increase will Brohm get in his new contract?
  10. Being Optimistic... IU 31 Mary 28
  11. Play RT, Ramsey is playing horrible
  12. Need this one badly... IU - 31 Min - 24