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  1. @AssemblyCall I have two questions for one of your upcoming mailbags. 1. Will Green find a pair of shoes that will… https://t.co/fofz0lWsvg

  2. @ThatManCam And Clarence’s parents have a real good marriage...

  3. RT @IndianaMBB: ????New Player Added ???? #IUBB Signs Indiana Mr. Basketball @yeahyeah_22 https://t.co/D0AN4ifDm0

  4. @ProducerKyle @dandakich I don’t want Kawhi either, don’t want anyone with “a camp” I think we should continue to t… https://t.co/bPBVsY50vK

  5. @ProBallHoosiers @simmie104 @Tegray_Scales8 @RashardFant And Oakes!

  6. RT @very_reasonable: Look no further. Proof is in the puddin' @CoachAllenIU @IndianaFootball #iufb https://t.co/ENEDv8nqLe

  7. RT @KevinGarnett5KG: Only the "crazy" survive this battle. https://t.co/MacBe0mAdu

  8. @SelenaGmai @IUmattWilson @NFL_Intentions That’s so awesome!!!

  9. RT @BDawks: B-Town let’s get to work. ⚪️????

  10. @IU_CoachBallou @simon72FTR @BKNIGHT62 @Jacob_Robinson_ @WesleyMartin76 Don’t forget you are in Indiana, that’s 4 a… https://t.co/LIljfGVRJV

  11. RT @ChemicalOle: @RedditCFB https://t.co/FglGmMAsKy

  12. @ThatsYoGi @VicOladipo

  13. @iufan71 @TheBigHandsome @AssemblyCall @VicOladipo @dandakich Do you realize that that is not Zeller’s real twitter? It is @CodyZeller

  14. @IndyWeOutHere As far as people in Florida go, there are at least 4 smaller states within it. South-Cubans and cash… https://t.co/G0X0D8Dig7