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  1. RT @nytimes: We’re tracking the ways Trump's administration is undermining the Affordable Care Act. Here are 11. https://t.co/EGN8D2caBO

  2. RT @drewmagary: “Mother, there are women drinking BEER here”

  3. RT @GordonRamsay: What's your dogs name ? https://t.co/WlA9q5IHMx

  4. What happens when rich people break the rules. Write that check and it goes away https://t.co/roWX7pxAwk

  5. 280 is way too long right

  6. RT @davidfrum: A great way to show respect for the flag is to refuse offers of clandestine election assistance from hostile foreign espiona…

  7. RT @dog_rates: This is Rocky. His job at doggo daycare is to fill pup the water buckets for everyone. He does a really good job and he know…

  8. @LebluntJames @adriane333 @tortillachip83 Tipton is wild though

  9. RT @drewmagary: "Twirl around for the fellas, sweetheart"

  10. DJT live responding without context to a Fox morning show via twitter

  11. @roscoe___ Gonna win tho

  12. @JosephVC_ It's just not happening

  13. The prez retweeting yet another obvious bot https://t.co/P55n4VULOF

  14. RT @ACLU: Don't look away. This is our president recommending we all study a lie about brutalizing Muslims. https://t.co/2LyGGaqMGj