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  1. @bradyelias Good tweet

  2. @Brett_Staley This guy

  3. @bradyelias https://t.co/LwEymCIIGb

  4. @clayytonamore Congrats!

  5. Must’ve not been getting any kickback https://t.co/z4F1Lk2ulM

  6. Three whole months!! https://t.co/3C2sLBt0bi

  7. RT @Eater: On International Women’s Day, McDonald’s flips its logo to make a “W,” in support of the female workers it’s committed to underp…

  8. Cruising down the street in my 64

  9. RT @drewmagary: https://t.co/LwbisrBeTF

  10. US just pulls the drunkest guys from Wisconsin/Minnesota for the curling team

  11. @JosephVC_ This tweet didn’t age well

  12. @RamonaBeck1961 @indystar @VP What part of Indiana are you from?

  13. RT @ACLU: There are no words for language like this except for one: Racist. https://t.co/KHLMiiHewh

  14. @JosephVC_ All sports are rigged

  15. @GoodmanESPN The Trumps of basketball