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  1. JHoosier914

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Shoot, sorry man! Tagged the wrong person. It was @MoyeNeeded who hit the nail on the head. Still a damn good prediction, buddy!
  2. JHoosier914

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    @LIHoosier hits the score of the game exactly on the predicition thread! Way to go, and KEEP PICKING IU!!!
  3. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 18 - @ Nebraska 1/18/20)

    gotta get back on the winning side and steal one on the road: Indiana 72 Nebraska 70
  4. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 17 - @ Rutgers 1/15/20)

    72-62 Rutgers Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  5. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 16 - Ohio State 1/11/20)

    OSU 71 iu 65 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  6. not watching -- what happened between CAM and Smith?
  7. This is beyond an embarrassment.
  8. Indiana 76 Northwestern 62
  9. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 14 - @ Maryland 1/4/20)

    77-64 Maryland Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  10. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 13 - Arkansas 12/29/19)

    67-70 IU Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  11. JHoosier914

    IU vs Notre Dame 12/21 Noon ESPN

    I know you had a very long and insightful post, and I generally agree with you on most points, however, I wanted to single out the following line above. I’m not sure if you are on of those people who believe the games shouldn’t be as close as they are, and that’s not the point of my post. My point is that Vegas, who typically knows what they are talking about or else they wouldn’t be making money the way they do, have had most of these close wins as exactly that...close games. V UCONN—spread was around 2. We won by 3. V ND—spread was around 3, we won by 2. Nebraska is an outlier and they have proven to gel together and be a better team as of late than most expected. And every other game, sans Wiscy, we won by double digits. So, this is just one mans opinion, but people (again, not saying you OF) should NOT argue these games ‘shouldn’t be close.’ Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  12. JHoosier914

    College Bball Thread

    They have the scholarship numbers to sign all of their current 2020 class and only need to lose 2 underclassmen scholarship player (sestina leaving too, obviously). I'm sure they will have two go pro, even though they shouldn't. I wouldn't be suprised if some DO transfer, however.
  13. Hoosiers 70 Notre dame 65 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  14. JHoosier914

    College Bball Thread

    NW is the second-lowest Power 5 conference team according to the NET rankings, so hopefully SOME road games are winnable....unfortunately, we only play them at home.
  15. JHoosier914

    Prediction League (Game 11 - Nebraska 12/13/19)

    Indiana 75 Nebraska 62