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  1. brumdog45

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Would have preferred he went to Alabama. Going to LSU speaks volumes, IMO.
  2. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I know I sound old as well, but this all started with LeBron’s televised special to announce which organization had the honor of paying him hundreds of millions of dollars.
  3. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Romeo's dad holds up adidas IU socks when Romeo commits to IU.....it's national news. Yet Wade and Sean Miller have kept their jobs and UNC gets zero penalty for making fake classes.
  4. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I would put the over/under on the odds that Hardaway and Memphis are getting their recruits by legal means at zero. And I'd take tge under.
  5. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I don't ever recall hearing that we could have had McKinley Wright but Archie's hands were tied. I do recall Archie telling him that he wished he would honor his commitment to Dayton but that he could come to IU if he wanted to.
  6. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I really don't think that's the case....most definitely not in a 2 year period and I would guess that it likely doesn't happen in three year periods. This past offseason, there have been 108 grad transfers that have committed to 94 schools. No school has more than 2 grad transfers. About half of those players were 'down transfers', transferring from high major to mid or low or mid to low major transferring out of D1. I believe that this season there were 5 grad transfers total coming into the Big Ten.
  7. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Y'all are missing what's hidden in plain sight: Joey Brunk working on his perimeter footwork and deep shooting sees him emerge as a guard/center hybrid.
  8. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Nebraska's incoming transfers: Derrick Walker from the University of Tennessee. Was a three star recruit in 2017, ranked 270th by 247. Averaged 1.4 points and 1.7 rebounds last year. Will have to sit out this season. Will have two years of eligibility. Haanif Cheatem, graduate transfer. Averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds in 10 games at Florida Gulf Coast. Season ended when he had shoulder surgery. This will be his third stop after first transferring from Marquette. Matej Kavas, graduate transfer from Seattle. 10 point/5 rebound guy who also suffered injuries. Cam Mack, JUCO transfer. 247 ranks him as just the 25th best incoming JUCO and 422nd best incoming 2019 player. Dalano Banton. Will have to sit out next year before having three years of eligibility. Averaged 3.4 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists at Western Kentucky as a freshman. Shamiel Stevenson. Transfer from Nevada but never actually even played there. His history.: committed and played at Pittsburgh in 2017. Was the a high 200 ranked freshman. Did have a decent freshman season, averaging 8.5 points. Pittsburgh changed coaches in the offseason between 2017-8 and 2018-9 and he announced he would transfer....then changed course and came back to Pittsburgh. Fell out of the rotation and transferred midseason to Nevada. Am I missing something? I'm not sure I'd offer up this group as evidence of Hoiberg working his magic. Grad transfers I get as they are one year no risk rentals when you have scholarships to give, but take a look at the other guys who will now take up scholarships for two or three years: Walker, Mack, Banton, and Stevenson. Would we be happy offering any of those guys taking up multiple years of scholarships? Walker couldn't get on the court with Tennessee, Banton wasn't playing all that much for a mid major, Mack is a JUCO type of player that doesn't typically garner major offers and Stevenson is now on this third team in three years.
  9. There is something to having an elite football program in terms of athletic department revenue. We don't.
  10. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Some interesting information here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/sports/march-madness-one-and-dones/?utm_term=.aa1c3eabfb0d Something I was shocked to see was the number of teams that had a projected one-and-done player on their team that failed to make the tournament. There were eleven teams in the NCAA that had projected one and dones this year. Five of those eleven did not make the tournament. Of the six that did, 3 had multiple one and done players. 3 had just one. The teams that had multiple one and dones were seeded 1, 1, and 2. The eight teams that had a single one and done were seed 3, 11, 12, and the other five didn't make the tournament. What seems to be the case is that success in the tournament (and season) tends to come from fully adopting a one-and-done philosophy OR building a more veteran team with players that stick around. It looks like it's hard to go halfway. Since 2006, there have been 87 teams that have had a single one-and-done on their roster. 22 missed the tournament; just 44 of those 87 made it past the first round. Meanwhile, there have been 10 teams with multiple one-and-dones. All made the tournament and all won their first game. Only one failed to make the sweet sixteen. Half made the final four and four were in the title game. Can't say exactly why teams who have a single one and done really don't do well -- certainly there might be something to the theory that there is conflicting goals between the other players and the one and done -- but it's pretty undeniable that the talent a single one and done player brings to a team has resulted in an underachievement of results given that talent.
  11. brumdog45

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Timeline at North Carolina: morning of April 23: #4 ranked player and combo guard Cole Anthony signs with North Carolina afternoon of April 23: #68 ranked player and combo guard Anthony Harris signs with North Carolina. grad transfer shooting guard Christian Keeling and swingman Justin Pierce visit North Carolina. April 26: Justin Pierce signs with North Carolina. May 2: Christian Keeling signs with North Carolina. That's a bounty of guard play that North Carolina picked up. That said, we'll never know if Anthony Harris had waited ten days to sign if he would have signed there. It's certainly going to be difficult to see him getting many minutes next year. I don't think we can blame kids for waiting so long to commit. With the state of transfers and the NBA deadline getting pushed back so far to allow you come back to school, they aren't really getting a real clear picture.
  12. brumdog45

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    I don't like it either, but from a top 50 kid point if view I understand it. At that point you know which coaches are where, what players have transferred, and mostly where players stand in terms of the draft. I do wonder a little if Harris would have chosen North Carolina had he known that Christian Keeling would transfer to UNC. That makes 4 freshman guards plus a grad transfer coming in. And Keeling is very good.
  13. brumdog45

    College Bball Thread

    Justin Sueing (California) announced his transfer to Ohio State). Will sit out the 19-20 season and have two years left. He averaged 14 points and 6 rebounds at California from the small forward position. Kind of hard to read how good he was....Cal was horrible (8-27). He shot 43% from the field and only 30% from three. Does get to the free throw line at a good rate.
  14. Let's give credit where it's due -- in just two years, Miller brought in a player from St Joseph's county (whom, let's not forget, was a guy whom was a huge Purdue lean) and a player straight out of West Lafayette. I'd say the last two years are more relevant to look at.
  15. While I disagree on some things Brass Cannon posts, he's spot on here. And no one forces you to respond to any post here if you don't like it....which is why I'll join the ignoring Gradman group.