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  1. Michigan at Michigan State Northwestern at Minnesota Ohio State at Maryland all simmed
  2. You said we "would be lucky if he averaged 5 points and 5 rebounds". Joey Brunk was injured to the point of having to be redshirted as a freshman and then spending a year where he was thrown in games just to try to get him to get him some court time. And no, we wouldn't be 'lucky' to have Duncomb deal with two years of injuries like Brunk did. Is that even a serious question? You seriously think that the expectations of Brunk coming out of high school was to be a 5 and 5 player?
  3. Can you hear all the eye rolls when you post?
  4. That's Danridge's FRESHMAN numbers. You want to lay money that Danridge doesn't put up better than 5/5 for his CAREER?
  5. I wouldn't say 80 and 130 are that different, especially for a Junior. I also know think Rivals tends to be a little behind in their ratings traditionally....they didn't have him in their top 150 until last fall and I think they tend to kind of just move players up and down gradually instead of all at once.
  6. "We would be lucky" if a top 100ish center averages 5 points and 5 boards over his career? Get bent.
  7. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    On #2: avoid op ed pieces disguised as fact. It's really that simple. On #3: You keep assuming that if someone disagrees with something that 'a president or a boss or any other authority figure is not grounds for dismissing everything they say or do as wrong' assumes that is what the person is doing when they disagree with them. It's an old and tired non-defense deflection. It's a total non-attempt at actually debating the point by attacking the messenger as biased. Arguments stand or fall on their own merit regardless of who says them.
  8. From what I've seen of Duncomb, I'm impressed with his post moves for someone his age. Will need to put some more muscle on but seems to have the body type to do so. In terms of Kaufman, I'm not one for turning down quality players because you think there might be someone who is better that could take the scholarship. The eggs in a basket approach bit us with Keion Brooks.
  9. IMO, top 100 big men have better ceilings than just being a role player for four years.
  10. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    In terms of 'most can't get tested'....the last three days there were almost 9,000 tests given in Indiana and that represents almost a third of the total tests given in Indiana. While there is definitely a shortage of tests, that's more of a state to state thing. You are more likely to be able to get tested in Indiana than most states. My sister works at a county hospital in Indiana (the only hospital in the county) and they were allotted 250 tests. So far, the county has had to test just 57 (only 3 of which were positive).
  11. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Daily Indiana report: Highest single day # of cases reported (568). However, the exponential rate of increase has seemed to be slowing down. It took six days for the # of cases to double from March 31 to April 6; previously it had been taking about 4 days. Number of deaths in Indiana attributed to coronavirus is up to 173. One bit of good news: from March 26 through April 2nd there had been 8 straight days of double digit daily deaths with an average of 13.4 per day; we now have had 4 days with the death total in the single digits with an average of 5.5 per day over that time. Yesterday there were 4 deaths, the state's lowest total since March 23.
  12. Iowa at Penn St and Purdue at Illinois simmed.
  13. brumdog45

    A Transfer Coming?

    Brunk, TJD, and Thompson can all play the center position in today's game. IMO, Haarms is looking to go somewhere that he can look to be more of a stretch five....somewhere that he is more of a focal point of the offense. The only way to do that is to go more mid major or somewhere willing to let him move out of the post position. He's probably seeing it as the only way that he could ever get a look in the pros (he won't.....but that is the only way).
  14. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    While it's not essential travel, I am taking my son to pick up his kayak from a house about an hour and a half away as he was storing it at a cottage that is about to be sold. I'll have my two liter bottle to pee in and won't leave the vehicle except to pick the kayak up. I've only driven my car once since March 13th (to go to the local fairgrounds to walk at the track there). We have a small lake just outside of our backdoor, so he'll be able to row around in it if he wants.
  15. brumdog45

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    I crunched some numbers on the counties in Indiana today. In terms of confirmed cases per population, the worst infected counties in Indiana are: 1. Decatur (1 case per 295 people) 2. Ripley (1 case per 406 people) 3. Franklin (1 case per 415 people) 4. Scott (1 case per 457 people, but that only amounts to 6 cases in the county) 5. Hendricks (1 case per 480 people) 6. Marion (1 case per 483 people) 7. Jennings (1 case per 777 people) 8. Johnson (1 case per 195 people) 9. Morgan (1 case per 917 people) 10. Hamilton (1 case per 944 people) The counties with the fewest cases per population: 1. Perry, Pike, and Benton: no cases in each of these counties. Perry has a population of 19,141, Pike 12, 411, and Benton 8,667. 4. Spencer (1 case per 20,526 people) 5. Adams (1 case per 17,598 people) 6. Daviess (1 case per 16,469 people) 7. Wells (1 case per 13,974 people) 8. Pulaski (1 caes per 12,660 people) 9. Dekalb ( 1 case per 10,676 people) 10. Wabash (1 case per 10,544 people) The current state average is one confirmed case per 1,300 people.