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  1. Irish YJ

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    sorry, was a finalist. believe he was second or tied for second in votes.
  2. Irish YJ

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    good pick up for D and depth. kid still has 2 years left, so it's not like we shouldn't expect him to improve his shot. He was Mr. Basketball, and had offers from Izzo and Painter. It's hard to complain about this.
  3. Irish YJ

    And then...there's this. DeVonte Green

    perhaps he and his GF wanted to follow Romeo... just exploration IMO.
  4. Irish YJ

    Knight In Declining Health

    I was at IU during his reign. Whatever his faults, he was loved by the fans and students. And nobody can question his giving nature. Heartbreaking to see him like this, but the heartbreak is helped by seeing him back on campus.
  5. Irish YJ


    Sorry, but never really cared for DD. Had he done better at BG, and not become a bitter shock jock, maybe I'd think different now. I don't know him, but have met him in the early/mid 90s a couple times. Both times, he was with other coaches. He was easily the least likable guy at the table. I get the whole reporting, and social media thing.. but he's gone to far and come across as a jilted lover more than media guy. I don't like the IU admin either, but that's another conversation. Given all the unlikable crap surrounding IU, I can see why top tier coaches aren't fighting for the IU job. Feels like we might be little brother to PU for a while in both BB and FB lol.
  6. If I were the coach, I'd have to take him. As a fan, I'd want a guy that's going to be around. Unfortunately we didn't have a good base that could utilize a one and done this year. it just hurt our development and perhaps our locker room. it didn't help either with the perceived personality that RL had.
  7. After pondering the meaning..... of IU basketball the past couple days, and much discussion with IU buds.... I think having a one and done this year was actually a set back. I don't think I want another one and done until we develop a solid base of kids in the system. i'd be ok with 3 one and dones at the same time though :-) at minimum, we need strong leadership next season. not sure who that will be.
  8. Proud of the guys. Through the injuries they fought. Through the 1-12 span they fought (except for MN). They starting hitting their stride late, too late. I liked how they played without RL. Some very positive things from guys that will be back. Need shooters.
  9. i would have zero problem. i'd have a problem for sure if it were a NC playoff game though. i'm actually very proud of our team today. and extra proud they did it without RL. to me, it's totally up to the player. uber happy for game three. more practices, and more games! was surprised AH was so full!
  10. Irish YJ

    2019 NIT Tournament

    Go Harvard and Norfolk St! lol
  11. If you play, then you should commit and play. I said that kids coming back next year should be the priority from a a development perspective. then foul trouble was brought up, which I said use Taylor or Jager. it's a great opportunity for development. but a NIT championship is pretty much meaningless. no i was not one of the ones that complained,,,,, but IF you play, play hard. AM needs to treat this just like practice. if you slack, hit the bench, and be relegated to the doghouse for lack of effort. development time is not meaningless. but the NIT, and an NIT championship in itself is meaningless. if i were in Indy still, I'd be going this weekend. i'd be going to support the team, not because the NIT is anything. not a problem at all. but the fact they made a rule that you can't decline sort of proves my point. if you have to compel teams to play, it's not that meaningful of a tournament.
  12. I'd bet some money that Archie would fully support Romeo if he didn't want to play. The NIT is meaningless compared to a potential injury (to an already hobbled player). And I'd bet most if not all players would support him whatever the choice. Hell, only like 5k were in attendance this week, and maybe less this weekend given the timing (little 5, the dance, etc.) If you're Archie, the only benefit to a meaningless NIT is to grow and develop your guys for next season. Romeo takes valuable minutes away from that benefit.
  13. If a school can decline, I have no problem with a kid (that will not be there for much longer) declining. The NIT is meaningless. Happy to watch IU play more games, but I'd rather see guys that are going to be back next year. Additional practice time and development for the younger guys is the only meaningful byproduct. I have zero problem with a senior (Taylor) getting a bunch of minutes in the NIT If Durham, Green, and Phin get in foul trouble or foul out. Don't forget we have a kid with moves like Jager.
  14. Agree to disagree. NIT is like a bad CFB bowl. It has more value as increased practice time for next year, then anything else. Winning without him would mean more than winning with him (from a team perspective).. And for him to risk injury is silly if he's a lottery pick.
  15. Teams have declined the NIT in the past. I have zero problem when a kid declines. And like I said, it's a positive for the other Gs to get PT in advance of next year. I don't see too much of a negative at all if he does not play.