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  1. RT @Russ_Steinberg: 18. You're 3 and 18. https://t.co/2z0HdhptkV

  2. RT @JayMan_7: I'm worried

  3. @JakobSandlin Idk which one is my fave

  4. RT @starsandstripes: When he retired, Maj. Gen. Michael D. Healy was the nation's most senior Special Forces soldier. He was a veteran of w…

  5. RT @H_Pruiett: @jacko56910 "This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine." ~Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket)

  6. RT @javanxra: *64 degrees in indiana* me: https://t.co/3QPimnwlcC

  7. RT @TheMERL: look at this absolute unit. https://t.co/LzcQ4x0q38

  8. RT @dril: for the 9th time today a complete stranger has approached me on the street and told me to go suck some @$$. "And still the brand…

  9. Big mood https://t.co/plX8mzEG1j

  10. RT @ilooklikelilbil: old white women vs store policies gotta be top 5 anime battles

  11. @AdamHensley6 #facts

  12. RT @MrFilmkritik: Me at 15: Why do my parents watch ******* HGTV all day? Me at 23: Damn, the granite countertops really do make that kitc…

  13. The river is already rising again lmao

  14. RT @DOOM: what https://t.co/3SJT8NURLG

  15. Thank me later https://t.co/LUshuHK1AE