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  1. RT @Education4Libs: Remember this. Not a single Democrat voted for tax cuts yet every one of them is willing to shut down our government t…

  2. RT @SJSUMBB: ICYMI: Welly reached 1,000-career points last night - only 15 players in the 108-year history of our program have done it #Spa…

  3. CHECK YOU AND ME https://t.co/pBQCFprCCN

  4. @lilpump and I both have pineapple tattoos and i love it.

  5. RT @iamblackbear: dont do school eat drugs go to vegetables

  6. RT @Mitch6Morris: #OneWord https://t.co/1EyENlpvH3

  7. RT @JakobSandlin: @NCommentarys @NickSporleder @AdamHensley6 @jacko56910

  8. RT @OnePerfectShot: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017) DP: Steve Yedlin Director: Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) Check out More Perfect Shots o…

  9. RT @alley_w_: Hey guys I’m reaching out for prayers for my noni... she’s one of the sweetest people you could ever meet with the biggest he…

  10. RT @meechonmars: that boy logan paul said he wasnt thinking.... you know how much thinking go into going to film a video,filming a video th…

  11. RT @crimsonquarry: Indiana > Illinois > WKU > MTSU > Syracuse > Clemson > Auburn > Alabama/Georgia #1 ALL-TIME TRANSITIVE NATIONAL CHAMPIO…

  12. RT @BoujeeBombBitch: Tomorrow December 31, 2017 will be the only day every adult in the US was born in the 1900s, and every minor was born…

  13. RT @sadistry: people think depression is sadness and crying. people think depression is dressing in black. but people are wrong. depression…

  14. RT @JayMan_7: Ever been so confident that u say something risky, then like 5 mins your like **** why did i do that.

  15. RT @ahmedtwinkie: Do ppl not know how expensive grocery shopping actually is https://t.co/i5JJ71F5ax