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  1. @JayMan_7 Every. Single. Time. ????????????

  2. RT @bedford_faith: how many times a day can i lose my juul... a series

  3. RT @serjtankian: Here’s a sneak peek at this Sunday’s 'Armenia' episode of @PartsUnknownCNN with @Bourdain and myself. Check it out at the…

  4. RT @DailyLoud: Young Dolph gives $20,000 to the two workers who got fired from a coffee shop for bumping his music ???????? https://t.co/0odfXeEJ…

  5. First year of college somehow in the books

  6. "Ride with the mob" https://t.co/WNtq5hjACa

  7. they're calling me

  8. Paranoia got me losing all my z's

  9. RT @crimsonquarry: https://t.co/ZGdgcWg1C2

  10. Favorite 21 savage verse all time: "Woah woah"

  11. RT @Erick_Akins: Bobby Shmurda watchin Meek Mill gettin freed https://t.co/0wLjNL1fLF

  12. Thanks for being a light in my dark world ???? https://t.co/dRRQEcOFWl

  13. RT @treblaw: MARK JACKSON: To me, bleu cheese does not belong in cereal. MIKE BREEN: Timeout, Cleveland.

  14. RT @Russ_Steinberg: 18. You're 3 and 18. https://t.co/2z0HdhptkV

  15. RT @JayMan_7: I'm worried