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  1. RT @loccdawgg: She said Her fries were too potatoey for her. The fries made of pota..**** everybody in this video https://t.co/z7bKP2Ax0v

  2. RT @k_walnation3: Friend 1: It’s Yanny. Friend 2: It’s Laurel. Me: https://t.co/cRT9minseD

  3. RT @MonicaPinal: just gonna leave these pics out here of my friend mariah falling off an elephant in thailand https://t.co/YVRPF11TM3

  4. RT @maddie_rennaker: not to sound too cheesy and cliche, but people you meet in college will be better to you than people you’ve spent your…

  5. RT @maurajohansson: i’m retweeting this cuz i know i’ve got some dumb @$$ friends that think it’s okay to drink and drive. so if it sounds…

  6. RT @ClintFalin: JUST CUT THE BS AND THROW IT STEVE. (i_am_half_burrito reddit) https://t.co/lMR7UON4Bg

  7. RT @ipbasketball: this is too much, Vic ???? https://t.co/TqAWIQH3c5

  8. RT @MissCooperrr: Cardi B gave us bars that have every woman's ego on 100 rn. Y'all thought Drake was gonna drop some arrogant music & b…

  9. RT @hasanp_17: International students at breakfast https://t.co/kPMfT6gT3K

  10. RT @ClintFalin: me: I don’t need attention. me when I’m not getting attention: https://t.co/BUB3sWUZU5

  11. RT @louisEspacker: zac efron looks like a panini pass it on https://t.co/5JfUCNjxTS

  12. RT @Cubs: Let's settle in and enjoy the first pitch of the 2018 @MLB seaso-- https://t.co/VdNov3BeTx

  13. RT @AdamCirc: I go upstairs for 2 mins https://t.co/W5sykF0APk

  14. RT @MakeItRayn_: Roses are red Fast food is a hassle https://t.co/P1iXIJ3cNB

  15. RT @TravisZ_23: https://t.co/kNYLLqpdp0