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  1. RT @GirlPosts: when u send someone a meme across the room and wait for their reaction https://t.co/U05KWO3HJs

  2. RT @JohnMayer: “Yeah I'm a lucky man To count on both hands The ones I love”

  3. RT @comedyandtruth: omg look at this cute little doggo trying to skate https://t.co/OT8f01ofid

  4. RT @GirlPosts: today’s the only day you can retweet this https://t.co/oGNbk35weP

  5. RT @comedyandtruth: This may be the saddest thing I’ve ever read.. https://t.co/WDs8np30JD

  6. ???? https://t.co/SVfvVTPILW

  7. RT @jdisblack: Single https://t.co/FPG3D2fY4k

  8. RT @GirlPosts: me trying to avoid responsibilities like https://t.co/jeoo524ohW

  9. RT @comedyandtruth: her personal trainer is fierce ???? https://t.co/y5ltUYJ452

  10. **** this & whoever made this https://t.co/4sijaVfppv

  11. RT @TweetLikeAGirI: ooo i fall apart https://t.co/QttKKUJfXr

  12. RT @CollegeDotLife: highschool: "I have a test this week AHHHH" college: "I have 3 tests 2 essays and a project I might nap then go party…

  13. College is dope, but college will also make you cry when you spill your fruit snacks all over the ground

  14. RT @betchesluvthis: Okay Britney get off my ****. https://t.co/WMmCKm17cl

  15. RT @yagirlmorgg: lol remember in high school when we all thought we were fat but now we're in college and we're actually fat hahahahaha goo…